York Aspire | Active Cross Trainer Reviews – Best 2017 – 2018

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York Perform 215 32 Levels of resistance, Hand pulse sensors, 18 Workout programs, 15 Inch stride lengths High-End Learn More Here!

York Active 110 8 Levels of resistance, Hand pulse sensors, 4 Workout programs, 12 Inch stride lengths Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Best York Cross Trainers Of 2017 – 2018

York Cross Trainer Comparison

If you are looking to get fit, but you don’t want the expense of the gym or being out in the elements running, you might consider getting a cross trainer. They area a very popular piece of exercise equipment that offers a great workout of many muscle groups. It also helps improve your cardiovascular system and boost weight loss.


This article compares three of the top cross trainers on the market at the moment from the company York. You will see how the main features differ in each product and how they can benefit you and your health.

The three products featured in this article are the York Perform 215, York Fitness Active 110 and the York Perform 210. All three models are among the most popular cross trainers on the market at the moment. Although they offer features you may find on other similar products, they have a strong and reliable build quality.


York Perform 215Build Quality

All three cross trainers are made by York who are well known for their use of quality, durable materials. They are all made with metal frames and are fitted with metal flywheels and plastic covers. They can all deal with the rigours of a tough work out without breaking or bending.



The control panels on these three machines are similar in the fact that they all show the speed, heart rate and current program selected. They also have the ability to set the resistance on the flywheel. The panels are straightforward and easy to use and the information is clearly displayed.


Resistance Settings

All of the cross trainers have the ability to adjust the resistance of the flywheel. This allows the workout to be harder or easier depending on the fitness level of the individual. The York 110 cross trainer has eight magnetic resistance levels to choose from. The Perform 215 and 210 both have 32 levels of resistance. Although this might seem like a big difference, it depends on the level of activity and fitness you want to achieve.


Pre-set Programs

Apart from being able to set your own workout programs, these trainers can also offer a number of pre-set routines. The York 110 has 4 pre-set programs that you can select to target a certain area or fitness level. The other two offer 12 pre-set programs, which allows more variation and personalisation. It also gives a greater combination of settings if the person is programming their own custom profile.


One of the important parts of exercise equipment is that they are able to adjust to the individual. Big problems can arise if something isn’t adjusted correctly and you don’t feel comfortable. The foot pedals can be moved so that the stride isn’t too long, which is important to prevent overreaching and causing injury.

The 210 model has a stride length of 13 inches, while the 215 is measured at 15 inches. The 110 model is slightly shorter at 12 inches, so there is only a slight difference between the three. However, when deciding which cross trainer to purchase, measurements like this are an important consideration.


York Fitness Active 110 Cross TrainerFlywheel

The flywheel is a vital part of these fitness machines. It enables them to generate the momentum to keep the movement of the handles and pedals. It can also be used as a way to increase resistance as the individual gets fitter. The 110 model is fitted with a 6kg flywheel, while both the 215 and the 210 models have a 7kg version. The weight and size of the flywheel determines the amount of resistance it can generate.



All three of these models offer a number of safety features designed not only to protect your muscles, but also to keep an eye on the cardiovascular system. They are all fitted with rubber pads on the pedals to prevent the feet from slipping during operation and there are also rubber grips on the handle bars. York have tried to ensure that the highest standard of safety is employed in its equipment.


Heart Rate Monitor

All of the York cross trainers are fitted with heart rate monitors in the hand grips which is a good way to monitor your heart during exercise and make sure it remains stable. You can also use this York Fitness Perform 210data to see how your cardiovascular system is improving over time.


Another aspect of choosing an exercise machine is the maximum weight it can safely cope with. The 210 as well as the 215 models can both accommodate a maximum weight of 150kg. The 110 model however can handle a maximum weight of 110kg. This should be kept in mind when you choose which variant to buy as exceeding these limits can cause damage to the machine.



When thinking about where to place such a big piece of equipment, you need to know how easy it would be to move it if needed. All of the cross trainers are fitted with wheels underneath so they can be manoeuvred around fairly easily. They are also quite lightweight considering their size so if they do need to be moved, it won’t cause a big problem.



In conclusion, the Fitness Active 110, Perform 210 and Perform 215 from York are durable and very well built. They offer a lot of functionality and include nice safety features. Overall, the York 110 model has slightly lower specifications to the other two, however, this doesn’t mean that it cannot perform well.

The 110 model has a slightly smaller flywheel, shorter stride length and less pre-programs and resistance settings. However, it can still be extremely useful for those that have less need for multiple settings and just want a machine for gentle exercise.

The 210 and 215 are very similar with just a few minor differences. Either machine has the capacity to create effective training programs using their multiple settings.

Overall, all three models are capable of helping you lose weight and get fit. They come from a company that has a lot of experience in the fitness market and this shows in the quality of the products and the functions they offer.


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