Wine Cooler Reviews – Best Of 2017 – 2018 UK

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Husky HUS-HM39 6 Internal adjustable shelves, Interior light, Door lock, 30 x 75cl bottles Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Husky HN6 12 bottle capacity, Mirror finish, Slimline with interior light, Touch controls Affordable Learn More Here!

Sommelier 35 Litre capacity, Thermoelectric technology, Quiet running fan, 1 year warranty Affordable Learn More Here!

Best Wine Coolers – Top 3 In 2017 – 2018

If you regularly host dinner parties or have lots of friends come round for barbecues, you may find this product very useful. Wine coolers and Personal Refrigerators are great for storing wine and other drinks and you can have it wherever you need it. It will then free up space in your fridge for other things. This is a list of the top three wine coolers on the market today.

Husky HUS-HM39 Personal Refrigerator Review – Our Number 1

Husky HUS-HM39This product is perfect for keeping all your wine and soft drinks cool on those hot summer days. You can put it anywhere you want and it has a glass front so you can see inside. Here are some of its other features (lowest price).

  • This product can be placed anywhere, but it is designed to fit under counter tops in a kitchen or bar area.
  • It has a solid steel silver body that will protect it and keep it rigid. This is good if you are moving it around.
  • There are six adjustable shelves so you can fit in the cans and bottles depending on what you want to cool.
  • It comes with an interior light and a door lock so children can’t access the drinks when you are not around.

The Husky has some great features that has earned it the top spot on our list. It is strong and safe and has a large capacity.

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Husky HN6 Slimline Wine Cooler Review – Number 2

Husky HN6The Husky HN6 is another well-made product and has a lovely design with its curved front. It is also made to fit into smaller areas that other coolers can’t. Here are some of its other features.

  • This cooler is specially designed to hold bottles and is large enough to hold up to 12 at any time. This is amazing for such a slim cooler.
  • It has a mirror finish and curved glass front to give it a really classy look. It will look great under a counter or bar area.
  • There is an interior light fitted so you can see the contents easily. This is especially useful if it is fitted under a counter.
  • It is fitted with touch controls to adjust the temperature. It can regulate to a range from 8-18 degrees Celsius.

This product from Husky is a lovely compact design that can fit into almost any space. It is also designed to look great wherever you place it.

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Sommelier 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review – Number 3

Sommelier 12 Bottle Wine Cellar BlackThis wine cooler from Sommelier is a slim line model that can fit into small areas under the counter or in the corner of a room. It has a big capacity despite its size and has some great additional features.

  • The cooler is designed to keep wine at its optimum temperature at all times. Ideal if you hold a lot of dinner parties.
  • It uses thermoelectric technology to keep the wine cool while using as little energy as possible. This means it won’t add a large amount to your electricity bill.
  • There is a quiet running fan fitted so you can keep it anywhere and it won’t create an annoying background noise.
  • It has a stylish design that won’t look out of place wherever you decide to place it.

Overall, the Sommelier wine cooler is the ideal product for socialising or just for keeping your favourite wines chilled. It has a big 12 bottle capacity that is great for a product that is so compact.

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The top spot on the list goes to the Husky HUS-HM39. It has a very large capacity to hold not just wine, but cans and other drinks.

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