Where To Buy Safe Hover Segway Boards – Best Places In UK

Watchdog Feature : Unsafe Hoverboards

With so many cheap hoverboards hitting the market on a daily basis, we need to be sure the model we buy is safe.

Since the rage has taken off this year, the hover boards otherwise known as segways, like any trend that we see, there are an influx of people jumping on board to make a quick buck.

Do all of these people have your best intention at heart? The short answer is no.

There are people selling cheap knock-off boards on Ebay for as little as £150.00. The thought process behind the people selling the boards at such a low cost is to ride the trend, get in, make quick and hard fast cash and get out. They do this by undercutting those who are selling legitimate high quality boards.

Times are getting harder and harder, and as such, people always seem to want to find cheaper alternatives to expensive products. My advice is, be careful on buying cheap – as it could be dangerous!

Buying A Safe Hoverboard / Segway Board

Here is a list to help you make sure the board that you buy is in fact as safe as it could be;

  • Make sure it is CE approved. Whether it is a physical shop or an online store, if you have any doubt at all, ask them for a CE certificate. On the charger unit there should be a CE emblem printed on the unit. Make sure it is printed on the unit and not a cheap sticker stating this!
  • If it’s cheap, the chances are it is a knock-off and its cheap for a reason. If it is too good to be true, it usually is!
  • If you buy online, make sure the site has an SSL certificate. This means you are browsing on their site safely. Any data you entered will be safe. This is a very good indicator on the legitimacy of the site and therefore, their products.
  • Another one if you do buy online, make sure there is a landline number you can call. If the staff tend to your call rather than only communicating on email – this is a good sign.

One of the safest places you can buy a Hoverboard in our experience is GadgetFive.co.uk. This is also based on customer service and quality of product.

The newer version hoverboards, while slightly more expensive, are actually a lot safer and of a better build. Again available on GadgetFive.co.uk.

Buy The Segway From Gadget Five In UK

Buy The Segway From Amazon USA

If you need any more help or would like to share your tips, please feel free to contact us here.



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  1. I’m looking ideally for a 10″ hoverboard for my sons birthday – I’m struggling to know who to buy from in the UK where I can be more assured that it will be safe! Please can you let me know what you now recommend. Many thanks

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