What Is The Best Fitness Activity Tracker Device In The UK? 2017 – 2018

Fitness trackers, otherwise known as activity trackers have taken the world by storm. They are the latest in fitness craze and have been over the last few years since the launch of the first Fitbit Flex. In today’s world, everyone wants to be fit and be in good shape. I mean who doesn’t want to look good in a vest and shorts in the summer?!

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Fitbit Flex Daily Calorie Burn, Sleep Affordable Learn More Here!

Fitbit Charge HR Daily Calorie Burn, Sleep, Caller ID, HeartRate Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Fitbit Charge Daily Calorie Burn, Sleep, Caller ID Affordable Learn More Here!

Garmin Vivofit Daily Calorie Burn, Sleep Affordable Learn More Here!

Fitbit Surge Daily Calorie Burn, Sleep, Caller ID, HeartRate, Music, GPS High-End Learn More Here!

Based on our reviews, the best fitness activity tracker in the UK with all round features and good value for money is The Fitbit Charge HR. It has great features including heart monitoring, it tracks your activities including steps and stairs and you get call notifications on it.

Check out customer reviews on The Fitbit Charge HR here.

Here is a post where we compare Fitbit Charge HR Vs The Mio Fuse.

For more information on activity trackers, I have written some useful shopping information.

What Is A Fitness Tracker?

A Fitness Tracker is a device that you either carry around with you, or wear it around your neck, but they are more popular in a “watch” form. You wear it on your wrist as you would a watch and it tracks your activity throughout the day and workouts etc. There are many different kinds of fitness trackers, by many different brands and different options within as well. The basic models typically come with calorie counters by steps, distance, calories and some basic ones even come with a sleep monitor to track your sleep progress.

Some of the higher-end models also have features like caller ID, text notifications, music control and GPS tracking. They are adding more and more features so watch this space!

What Features Do I Really Need?

While some are pure enthusiasts like me and need all of the features and would only buy the all singing, all dancing fitness tracker; not everyone will. Many people just want something basic to help them keep track of their energy burn in their daily routines, so they don’t need sleep monitors and heart rate monitors. It is a natural progression for people to start off with a basic unit, at which time they will get motivated and after some time passes, they find themselves buying an upgraded model – this is what happened with me!

Below I have written a brief outline on some of the major features in the fitness trackers so you can determine if you need them or not.

The Calorie Counter

This is the reason you would buy the fitness tracker, to count your calories, your energy burn during the day. This one is a must for all of us. Without it; there is no point!

The Step Counter

The step counter will track the amount of steps you have taken to determine the calorie burn. Again, a must and the reason you are buying a fitness tracker.

Distance Monitoring

Once again, the distance monitoring, step counter and calorie counter all go hand in hand. The three of these are absolute basic functions that you would need in a fitness tracker.

Heart Rate Monitor

As the title suggests, this monitors your heart rate. It will give you a break down of when your heart was beating fast and when it was slow. Again, not an absolute must, but for people who engage in high-intensity workouts and need to keep their heart rate up for a certain amount of time, this is a huge help!

Sleep Tracker

This one is very optional. For someone like me it is a must because I have trouble sleeping and always have. To know how well I sleep is great for me.


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