Weather Station Reviews – Best In 2017 – 2018 UK

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Technoline WS 9632-IT 100m Distance outside transmitter capability, Radio control technology, Temperature & humidity Affordable Learn More Here!

Aercus WS1093 Internet browser compatibility, 3 Month data storage, Temperature, humidity (in/out), barometer, wind and more, Storm warning Mid-Range Learn More Here!

ClimeMET CM2016 Temperature & humidity, Wind speed & storm warning alerts, Thermo/ hygro sensor, Installation pole and brackets included Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Best Home Wireless Weather Stations – UK 2017 – 2018

Although we all listen to the weather reports, we don’t always get an accurate prediction of the weather locally to us. This is where something like a weather station can be a very useful tool. It can use its many sensors to tell you how the weather so you are always prepared. This list features the top three weather stations on the market at the moment.

Technoline WS 9632-IT Weather Station Review – Our Number 1

Technoline WS 9632-ITThis product has a multitude of features and sensors that it can seem mind boggling. However, it has a very simple display and can measure everything you need Let us see some if its features (lowest price).

  • The station uses a Swiss Precision Turbo Long Range outside sensor to monitor the conditions. You can rely on an accurate forecast.
  • The outside monitor is wireless and can transmit up to 100 meters to the base unit inside the house. This means you can place it almost anywhere.
  • The LCD display shows the current weather conditions in accurate detail. So you know exactly what to expect.
  • The station also measures the inside temperature so you can keep an eye on the level of heating you need.

The Technoline Weather Station is a sophisticated piece of equipment that is made by a well-respected company. It will make an ideal gift for the enthusiast.

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Weather Station WS1093 Wireless Review – Number 2

Weather Station Wireless WS1093This weather station has a lot of smart features for those who want a high tech style of product. It can do all the things other weather stations can, but a lot more as well. Let us take a look at its features.

  • It features a touch screen that allows you to control the settings and readout. Simple and intuitive.
  • The compact product is easy to install and can be set up very quickly. You won’t have to wait for your weather forecast.
  • You can check on the weather station from anywhere using any web browser. This can keep you in touch with the weather back home.
  • It stores three months of data so you can check for patterns and trends. Ideal for weather watchers and keen amateurs.

You can really get a complete picture with this weather station. It can monitor all aspects of the climate and give them to you wherever you are. A really intelligent and well thought out product.

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ClimeMET CM2016 Wireless Weather Station Review – Number 3

ClimeMET CM2016This simple and straightforward weather station from ClimeMET is a great product for anyone interested in the weather. It has a number of sensors that it uses to give an accurate picture of the coming forecast. Here are some of its many features.

  • The unit comes with a thermo and hygro sensor, rain gauge and wind speed sensors. It uses these to complete a picture of the weather.
  • It can give you a lot of useful information including temperature, wind speed and even storm warnings. You will always be kept up to date.
  • The LCD display gives you a simple and easy to read outlook of the coming weather. You can then accurately tell what to expect for the coming day.
  • It has a simple pole and bracket system for fitting the outdoor sensors. It won’t take you long to get everything set up and start tracking the weather.

This weather station is ideal for the beginners to weather study or those who want a more accurate picture of the weather.

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The top spot goes to the Technoline WS 9632-IT Weather Station. It has an amazing array of sensors that will give you all the information you could need. A well-made product from a respected company.

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