Water Softener Reviews – Best In UK 2017 – 2018

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Crown by Harveys Premium quality, Compact, Non electric, Runs entirely on water pressure, 5 year parts &labour warranty High-End Learn More Here!

Water2Buy Meter controlled, Up to 1660 litres of soft water per day, 7 year warranty Affordable Learn More Here!

Tapworks AD11 High flow rates, 10 year warranty Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Best Water Softeners In UK – Top 3 In 2017 – 2018

Water is an important resource for everyone, we use it for almost everything we do. In some areas, this water can contain more minerals than in other places. This ‘hard water’, may not immediately seem a problem, but it can cause appliances to get clogged with lime scale. It can also effect the taste of water and other drinks. This list has the top three water softeners on the market today. These help to remove all the minerals that cause this problem.


Crown Water Softener by Harveys Review – Our Number 1

Crown by HarveysThis water softener has a great background behind it. The company Harveys that make it has a long reputation for making great products. This product is no exception and has a lot of great features (lowest price).

  • The product has a compact twin tank to increase the efficiency of the water softener. This means it can work harder and longer.
  • The non-electric salt block system doesn’t need power to work unlike some other products. This means even with no power, you still get nice water.
  • You won’t get any problems from blocked pipes or damage to appliances because of lime scale.
  • Because it doesn’t use power, it doesn’t need a pump to work. It uses the water pressure to filter the water which is more efficient.

The Crown Water Softener is a great product that uses your own supply to operate and filter your water. It has a compact design so it can be kept in the smallest of places.

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WATER2BUY Water Softener Review – Number 2

WATER2BUYThis product is one of the best value water softeners on the market. It can do many of the things that a more expensive product can do and can be fitted into most places due to its slim design. Here are some of its other features.

  • The company provides an amazing 7 year warranty on the product. This means you get great peace of mind knowing it will be covered.
  • It has 15mm connections and can be installed easily thanks to online training videos. You won’t need a plumber to help you.
  • The unit can deliver up to 1660 litres of soft water per day, it will also remove 100% of the lime scale in your water.
  • This product has enough capacity to cope with households of up to 5 people. That is an amazing capacity for such a compact design.

The WATER2BUY Water Softener is a really impressive product that will give you a lot of service for even the biggest of households.

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Tapworks AD11 Water Softener Meter Controlled Review – Number 3

Tapworks AD11This water softener by Tapworks is designed to not only soften your water, but do it in a very efficient way. It uses the latest technology to give you high flow at low cost. Here are some of its features.

  • The highly efficient system is up to 32% cheaper to run than some other water softeners. This means that you will also save money as well as have soft water.
  • It operates at a high flow rate as standard. This helps if you have an unvented system, making it more compatible.
  • The product comes with high flow valves and flexi connectors so you can fit it as soon as it arrives with no additional fittings.
  • A handy telephone diagnostic service is provided to help with servicing and problems if they occur.

The Tapworks AD11 Water Softener is not only high capacity, but also cheap to run. This will be a big draw for many people looking for a product like this.

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The top spot on the list goes to the Crown Water Softener by Harveys. It has a large capacity to produce softened water and its compact design means it can fit into small places.

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