Waring Soup Maker Review 2017 – 2018


The Waring WSM1U Soup Maker (learn more here!) and its powerful 1000W motor makes short work of anything you throw at it, blending and heating up your favourite ingredients until you have perfect soup every time.

Although soup is straightforward to make without a soup maker, the process is undeniably labour intensive.

Veggies must be peeled and chopped before simmering for a long time over a hot stove.

The Waring WSM1U Soup Maker does everything for you allowing you to get on with other things or to simply have a nice cup of tea while you wait for your soup to be made for you.

Some features of the WARING WSM1U Soup Maker include:

  • Waring WSM1U ReviewTurn raw vegetables and other ingredients in to piping hot, delicious soup, effortlessly
  • Three different heat settings, low, medium and high depending on the kind of soup you are making, harder vegetables like parsnips and turnips will take longer to cook than softer vegetables like broccoli and asparagus.
  • Works perfectly as a normal blender for smoothies and ice cream drinks, no need to for separate gadgets when the Waring WSM1U does it all.
  • 4 litre capacity – can make enough soup to feed the whole family.
  • Super fast 1000w heat element gets your dinner cooking in a flash.
  • Fresh soup is one of the very best ways to help you and your family get their ‘5-a-day’ as recommended by doctors and nutritionists.
  • Try any combination of ingredients; vegetables, pulses and seasoning to taste, you are only limited by your imagination!
  • High quality toughened glass jug and spout for easy pouring.
  • Doesn’t take up too much space on your worktop as is only 22 x 24.3 x 45.2 cm.
  • Built in non-stick pan allows you to sauté some ingredients like onions and garlic before ‘soupifying’ them.
  • The Waring WSM1U comes with four speed settings for blending so you can choose the consistency of your soup from thick and rustic to super-smooth.
  • Comes with free soup and smoothie recipe book to inspire you.

With the Waring WSM1U in your kitchen you can put away your smoothie maker and upgrade your kitchen in one go. Eating hearty, healthy soup on a regular basis is both nutritious and delicious and so easy to make. The hardest part is watching the digital display timer counting down the minutes until it’s ready but it is still a far cry from all the chopping and boiling that comes with making soup manually. You may already have a favourite soup recipe, if so throw all of the ingredients in to the Waring WSM1U and let it do all the hard work for you.

In summary the Waring WSM1U is the ideal kitchen gadget and one that you will use on a regular basis as soon as you taste your first bowl of beautiful home-made soup. You will never buy canned or powdered soup again. The possibilities for the kinds of soup you can make is endless be it red pepper and tomato, minestrone or carrot and coriander, the Waring WSM1U has you covered.


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