The Fitbit Charge Vs The Jawbone Up24 2017 – 2018 UK

Fitbit Charge Vs Jawbone UP24 – Comparing Two Of The Greatest!

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With The Flex was (and still is) a popular activity tracker which also looks very cool and is quite accurate, Fitbit have gone one better and released the Charge.
The Charge is a very well made activity tracker. Having an OLED screen means it opens itself up to many possibilities which Fitbit have harnessed very well as we will discover in this comparison review.
The UP24 is just sexy. It looks cool and is very smart. The way that you dont need to fasten it, just wraps around your wrist is a very subtle yet popular feature. With the females and males alike.
In this post we will look at the functions and benefits offered by both products.

Number 1: The Jawbone Up24

Jawbone Vs FitbitThe Jawbone UP24 beat The Flex but has been challenged when being compared to The Charge. While The Up24 still has “smarter” features than The Charge, it certainly has less overall features.
Here are some of The UP 24’s proudest plus points:
  • Track your activity during the day such as steps, distance travelled and calories burnt.
  • Compete with friends on The UP Dashboard. Try and beat their times.
  • Track the total hours you have been asleep and the number of times you have woken up. Monitoring sleep overtime is very useful in determining patterns between your daily activities and sleep.
  • Vibration alerts. The Up24 will notify you if you have sat around “idle” for too long as a motivation to get up and burn some calories
  • Monitor the idle times as well as the active times you have during the day
  • Constantly connected to your smart phone via bluetooth so you can get real time updates and notifications to your phone
  • UP Insight Engine will give you (realistic) daily targets to beat be it calories, time or distance when working out
  • Very stylish and comfortable bands and available in many colours


The Up24 with its Up Insight Engine is undoubtedly smarter than Fitbit. Up24 as a device is also more intuitive than The Charge but it falls short to features like the time, stairs (altitude) and phone call notifications.

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Number 2: The Fitbit Charge

Track and monitor the steps you’ve taken, distance you’ve travelled, calories you’ve burned, stairs you have climbed and the minutes you have been active / inactive. The tracker is accurate and using the Fitbit dashboard you can monitor your progress over time.
  • The Fitbit Charge Vs The Jawbone Up24Strive towards fitness goals and rewards on the dashboard.
  • Compete with friends and family members to see who can be more
  • Check your current and daily stats with the onscreen display
  • The bright OLED display will also show time of day
  • Track your sleep. The Charge will monitor how well you sleep. It also “knows” whether you’re in deep or light sleep by your movements (or lack of) so you can see your sleeping patterns
  • Silent alarm to wake you and not disturb anyone else
  • Phone notifications via bluetooth on the tracker. Check text messages, calls and emails instantly on yout Charge.
  • Check and monitor realtime progress of any activities on The Charge to make sure you are working out as hard (or as long) as you should be!


A very good tracker. The Charge is a big step up from The Flex with features like the time and real time tracking of activities, notifications on The Charge as well as the altitude feature to tell you the stairs you have climbed.
This is definitely the better tracker because of its features as a result of the display which The Up24 simply does not have.

Which To Buy.

My personal preference is The UP24 by Jawbone because it is the smarter tracker. Yes, it lacks a screen and the tracking of the stairs as well as phone call notifications but it looks better and with Jawbone’s Insight Engine, makes it a smarter overall tracker.
Jawbone Vs Fitbit


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