Swegway Self Balancing Scooter Review UK 2017 – 2018

Swegway Balancing Scooters

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit

Gadget 5 High quality, Safe, Speeds Upto 10km/h Affordable Learn More Here!

CjW Unique design, Speeds Upto 10km/h, 20km distance Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Mini Smart 6 colours, Speeds upto 10km/h Affordable Learn More Here!

These cool little devices seem to have taken over the world.

What is the most fun you have had on two wheels?

I’ll help you out, the answer that I’m looking for is not a bike.

Hoverboards also known as Swegway boards are the new “in” thing.

These are basically a new travel device. They are operated by battery and powered by the way you position your feet.

To operate you simply position your toes downwards for it to move forward.

Each foot, left and right, will control its corresponding wheel. Since the two wheels have independent control, and this makes turning easier.

Let’s face it walking is not fun, riding around in the things is extremely fun.

With speeds up to 10 mph, these boards are safe as well as fun to ride.

Since the craze has taken off in a very big way, there have been more and more cheap knockoffs it in the market.

I have written this post to be able to advise to you which are worth buying and which are not.

As with anything, if you buy cheap knockoffs from China, they will cause you more harm than good.

It is always better to get one from a quality assured supplier so you get a premium product.


Gadget Five 2-Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Review – The Number 1

Swegway Self Balancing ScooterVery high quality scooter which has some great features listed below;

  • Maximum speed up to 10 km an hour
  • Easy to control with two wheels and two motors powered by each foot respectively
  • Completely safe-the balancing system helps you to keep stable while travelling
  • Light in weight-I’d only around 10 KG, this scooter is easy to transport even when not travelling on it.

Whether you are commuting to or from your place of work or simply down the road to pick up some things from the local shop, there is no other more stylised way to get around.

Supplied by Gadget Five, you will get a high quality product at an affordable price.

Buy The Segway From Gadget Five In UK


CjW Two-Wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooter Review – Number 2

Another high-end product and one which is slightly newer than the above two.

Check out its features below;CjW

  • Maximum speed up to 10 km an hour, and kept at this speed for safety
  • Can travel up to a distance of 20 km without effort
  • Weighing in at only 10 KG, making it a very light yet durable device.

The differentiating factor in this board compare to the others is the fact that the design is very squared as opposed to being rounded like the others.

Overall, a very good board. Good quality, at a mid-range price point.



Mini Smart Waterproof Scooter – Number 3

Mini SmartAnother very good option if you are looking for a quality product coming in at a slightly cheaper price then the number one review, you will still get a very high quality product.

Here are some of its features; can travel up to the distance of up to 18 km

  • Extremely easy to learn, it’s just like riding a new bike
  • Very light
  • Up to a max speed of 10 km an hour
  • Available in black, blue, green, red, White, gold.

Another very good product at an affordable price.




The best board is brought to you by Gadget Five, this is my own verdict of the products after having used them all.

Again, all very good quality products to see JW is very good only I am not a fan of the squared finish.

Buying any one of these boards, you will definitely have a lot of fun.

Which ever you decide to buy, please stay safe.

Buy The Segway From Gadget Five In UK


For the best self balancing scooter swegways with bluetooth speakers check out http://gadgetfive.co.uk/.

Update: Here is an updated post outlining some buying tips.


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