Shower Filter Head Reviews – Best Of 2017 – 2018 UK

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Top 3 Shower Heads 2017 – 2018

When you want to take a shower, you want it to be a relaxing and soothing experience. However, some shower heads are very harsh or don’t have enough holes to really massage you properly. This list features the top three shower heads on the market today. They are all designed to give you a really great shower experiance that will leave you clean and relaxed. Let us have a look at them in more detail.

PuraStream Chlorine Shower Filter Handset Review – Our Number 1

PuraStreamThis product (lowest price) has some unique features that will make your shower really pleasant. It not only has a great look, but it will also protect your hair. Let us take a look at the features.

  • The special filters in this shower head are designed to give you the best water quality you can get.
  • The filters neutralise the chlorine found in the water to help protect your hair and skin. This means no more brittle hair and irritated skin.
  • Because of the purity of the water, it can help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • The 360 triangular holes are specially designed to not only massage your skin, but reduce the lime scale build-up.

The PuraStream Shower Head is an amazing product that can help with a lot of hair and skin problems. It also looks very stylish with its polished chrome exterior.

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Power Shower Fixed Head Review – Number 2

Sensitive Skincare CompanyThe Power Shower Fixed Head has a classic design that is reminiscent of old bathrooms. It will really give your body a nice soak with its many holes. Let us see what other features this product has.

  • This product had a special filter that removes 100% of the chlorine from the water. This means less damage for your hair and skin.
  • It is designed to fit with all types of fixed shower heads. This means you won’t have to buy additional fixings.
  • The easy to use instructions and set up means you can have the shower head up and running in no time.
  • You won’t have to worry about water pressure, because this product is designed to work with both high and low pressures.

This product has a lot of great features that not only protect your hair and skin, but also leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

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Yakult SRSH1201 Round Fixed Shower Head Review – Number 3

Yakult SRSH1201This shower head from Yakult looks absolutely stunning. The design is innovative and will give your shower area a touch of class. Here are some of the other features.

  • The products advanced air energy technology provides a soft oxygenated water that feels more like rainfall. A truly luxurious experience for you and your body.
  • The shower head has a swivel ball connection so that you can adjust the stream to suit you. You won’t need to dance around underneath the water.
  • Because the shower head is so thin, it increases the water pressure a great deal. This means it can work in any water pressure.
  • The design uses the latest laser technology to make sure the soft holes are precisely aligned and there are no leaks.

This is a very unique product that has a lot of high quality materials and technology built-in. It will leave your body feeling great and it will look nice in the bathroom too.

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The top spot on the list goes to the PureStream Chlorine Shower Filter Headset. It is fitted with a high quality filter that removes a lot of the damaging elements from the water. It also introduces soothing vitamin c and aroma oils to really give your skin a treat. Overall, a great product and worthy of the number one spot.

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