Salter Soup Maker Review 2017 – 2018

Salter EK1548 Steel Soup Maker

The Salter EK1548 1000W Electric Jug Silver Stainless Steel Soup Maker (learn more here!) is one of the best soup making gadgets money can buy. You may have seen it featured on the ITV TV show, This Morning where it compared favourably to much more expensive models.

Soup makers are one of the most popular new additions to kitchens right across the UK due to the significant amounts of time and effort they save in helping you create the perfect soup.

The Salter EK1548 can turn raw ingredients in to piping hot, delicious soup in as little as twenty minutes, doing all the hard work while you are preparing the rest of the meal or simply putting your feet up.

Salter EK1548 ReviewSome features of the Salter EK1548 include:

  • Heats and blends raw ingredients such as vegetables and pulses while you wait
  • Comes with three different modes allowing you to choose a chunky, rustic soup or a super smooth pureed soup and anything in between. You really can have soup just the way you want it.
  • Built in intelligent safety feature protects against the drying out and burning.
  • Detachable jug allows you to easily clean the Salter EK1548 afterwards, just give it a good rinse and wipe with a sponge
  • Can be used as a super fruit smoothie maker too.
  • Easy pour spout means no mess when serving.
  • 1300ml to 1600ml capacity means you can make enough soup for the whole family.
  • Fresh soup is one of the very best ways to get more vegetables in to your diet, it’s both delicious and nutritious. Getting your 5-a-day becomes that much easier.
  • Stylish stainless steel finish looks good in any kitchen
  • Salter EK1548 comes with built in powerful 1000W motor which makes short work of hard vegetables like turnips, parsnips or potatoes.
  • Dispense with the need to buy additive filled cans of soup from the supermarket, just use whatever vegetables you have to hand
  • Replace your old smoothie maker with the Salter EK1548 which gives you both smoothies and soup without taking up extra space on your counter top.
  • Saves so much time, no more standing and stirring your soup on the hob, the EK1548 is fully automatic
  • The EK1548 lets you know when dinner is ready by beeping and flashing

So when you are looking to make food that is both nutritious and tasty as well as being convenient, you can’t go too far wrong with the Salter EK1548. Making soup ‘manually’ can take a long time but the dual action of cooking and blending makes you perfect soup every time without any effort on your part.

Making enough soup for four main meals or six if you are serving soup as a starter this great gadget gives you the time to get on with your life while it does all the work. Doctors and health professionals all recommend that we get a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables per day – having a soup maker in your kitchen like the Salter EK1548 makes this so much easier.


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