Portable Karaoke Machine Reviews 2017 – 2018 UK

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Acesonic DGX-213 CD, CDG, MP3, 1x Mic, Record & Play From USB / SD Card, Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Best Karaoke Machines – Top 3 In 2017 – 2018

When it comes to getting the party started, there is no better game than Karaoke. There are many portable Karaoke machines on the market that will give you the entertainment you need. Here are three of the top Karaoke machines on the market today. They are all fully featured and will give you hours of fun.

Karaoke GF829 Review – Our Number 1

Karaoke GF829The Karaoke GF829 is a compact and very portable machine that has all the features you would expect. Let us have a look at some of the features that got it to number one (lowest price here).

  • The unit has the ability to play various formats including CD, CDG, MP3 and more.
  • Two microphones so you can duet with a partner.
  • You can record your music to an SD card or a USB flash drive and you can also play it back the same way.
  • The unit comes with three music CD’s to begin with but you can use many other types.

This is a great all round Karaoke machine that has enough to keep you singing for hours. There are also audio and video outputs so you can connect it to a bigger screen.

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Starsinger 1000 Pro II Review – Number 2

STARSINGER 1000 Pro IIThe next on the list is the Starsinger 1000 Pro II which is slightly more compact than many of the other machines. But this doesn’t mean that it has any less in the way of features. In fact, it has everything you could want. Here are some of the other reasons it has made number two.

  • It has both USB and SD card inputs so you can add media is different ways.
  • Comes with two wireless microphones as well as two wired ones. You can practice those duets for hours without having to share.
  • It can play a multitude of different formats including MP3, CD, DVD-R and CD+G. This means there are plenty of options available.
  • There are also many tracks to get you started on an SD card so you can begin straight away.

Although it may not have a screen like some Karaoke machines, it has all the features you need and can easily be plugged into a TV or projector. The remote control is a nice little addition as well.

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Acesonic DGX-213 Review – Number 3

Acesonic DGX-213This Karaoke machine has a few nice little features on top of the regular ones that makes it a good machine for the price. It also has a slightly more professional setting so could be a good choice for a venue that hosts Karaoke nights.

  • The machine delivers high definition video so you will get a great picture with your singing.
  • You can record your singing digitally onto MP3G format using the USB or the SD card slot. You can then play it again to your friends or just to keep as a memento.
  • There are two microphone inputs so you can sing in duet. The unit comes with one microphone to get you started.
  • You have many options to plug in the machine. You can use HDMI, S-Video, Component Video and more.

Overall, this is a great little karaoke machine that comes with a remote control for easy use and multiple features and settings. The 335 songs that comes with it is even more of a bonus.

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The top spot goes to the Karaoke GD829 Portable machine. It has great features as well as two microphones and built in speaker. Your mobile phone can also be used to provide the music for your party. The amount of connectivity provided by this machine is one of the reasons it has made it to the top of the list.

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  1. Nice post, Has anyone heard about the Juke karoke machine? its a small device which is turn your smartphone into karoke machine .

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