Nail Gun Reviews UK – Best Of 2017 – 2018

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Hitachi NR90GC2 Lightweight 1.6kg, Drives 51-90mm clipped head nails, Fast operation, 2 nails per second, 1200 nails per fuel cell High-End Learn More Here!

Tacwise 181ELS 15-35mm nails, 1.6kg in weight, 100 nail magazine capacity Affordable Learn More Here!

Makita AF505 Multi- directional exhaust port, Rubber bumpers, Tool hook, Rubberised grip Affordable Learn More Here!

Nail Guns – Top 3 In 2017 – 2018

Whenever you are tackling a big building project, you will need specialist tools to give you a hand. One such tool that can save a lot of hassle is a nail gun. They are very useful when you need to hammer a lot of nails because they not only punch the nails in for you, but they also hold them all. This is a list of the top three nail guns on the market today.

Hitachi NR90GC2 Cordless Nail Gun Review – Our Number 1

Hitachi NR90GC2This nail gun is made by a company that has a good history of making quality tools and machinery. It is made to a high standard and has a lot of good features. Let us look at some of those features here (lowest price).

  • The lightweight and balanced design makes it great to hold and easy to use when working at height.
  • It can drive clipped head nails from 51-90mm. This gives you a great range to work with when building a large project.
  • The unit is fast, driving up to two nails per second. This means you can work very quickly and efficiently.
  • The handle is a soft grip design to make working with the gun easy on the hands. It can also be cleaned easily.

The Hitachi nail gun is a very useful tool, able to use a variety of nail sizes and drive them a a very fast rate.

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Tacwise 181ELS Electric Nail Gun Review – Number 2

Tacwise 181ELSUnlike the Hitachi at number one, this nail gun from Tacwise is a corded electric product. This has its advantages, because you can keep working constantly without having to recharge or re-gas. These are its other features.

  • The product features an all metal nail magazine. This means that is has great durability which will last a long time.
  • It can handle 180 Tacwise nails from 15-35mm in one magazine full. This gives you a lot of working time between refills.
  • It has a quick release nose system and other safety features to make sure that the operator is kept safe while working.
  • The lightweight and compact design is vital for long use because it won’t cause stress on the hand or arms.

This nail gun from Tacwise is packed with safety features and is designed to be easy to hold and use. It is a worthy product for second spot.

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Makita AF505 Nail Gun Review – Number 3

Makita AF505This nail gun is made by Makita which are well known for their high quality products. This nail gun is no exception and has a sleek, slim line look. Let us take a look at the other features.

  • A multi-directional exhaust port helps to move the air away from the operator. This helps to increase safety and maintain smooth operation.
  • Rubber bumpers on the nose help to protect the surface from scratches and damage. This gives the operator more peace of mind.
  • Additional features include a rubberised grip for comfort and safety, as well as a tool hook to keep other tools handy.
  • Tool less nail jam clearing means you can quickly clear jammed nails without having to use any tools.

This nail gun from Makita is very well designed and made to give the operator the best work experience. It has a neat anti-jam feature and comfortable grip as well.

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The top spot on the list goes to the Hitachi NR90GC2. It has a good cordless operation that gives a long period of time between recharge. It also has a good capacity magazine so you can keep working without having to constantly refill. A very well deserved first place for this product.

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