Misfit Shine Vs Fitbit Flex 2017 – 2018

Wearable fitness trackers are the “in” thing right now. The people who aren’t into fitness have got one to motivate them to get into shape or just as a fashion statement. The people who are into fitness have got some of the more advanced models.

The Misfit Shine & The Fitbit Flex are both mid-range fitness trackers, they aren’t entry level devices and they aren’t the high end trackers. They pack some good features and both are affordable in terms of cost.

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If you are looking to buy your first activity tracker but don’t want to spend a small fortune at the same time as buying a good quality product then looking at The Misfit Shine or The Fitbit Flex are going to be your best options and in this post I am going to review both of them side by side.

Misfit Shine Or The Fitbit Flex Comparison

Number 1 – The Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine x Fitbit Flex

The Misfit Shine is a very good activity tracker, it has some great features with a stylish finish looking very much like a watch. The Shine has an ultra long battery life and connects seamlessly via bluetooth to keep your data updated. Here’s a closer look at some of its features;

  • Misfit Shine Fitbit FlexA very strong finish. The Shine is carved out of aircraft-grade aluminium and is built to last a very long time and will take a good amount of abuse
  • While it functions as a wrist band / watch type of tracker, you can also wear it in the form of a necklace, hook it on to your clothes or your bra. You can even tie it into your shoelaces and because it is waterproof – you don’t need to worry about getting it wet
  • Waterproof – The shine is waterproof upto 50m! So you can wear it in the shower, while swimming and in the bathtub without worrying about getting water inside it
  • No need to charge it – The Shine uses a standard flat watch battery – CR2032. This will last around 6 months and they are very cheap to buy. Having a few of these in your house means as soon as the battery is low, simply replace it. No need to wait and not have your activities tracked while it charges the battery
  • Set up and go! Set up your statistics, set your goal to measure and track your activities including running, walking, swimming and cycling
  • Clock – the Shine offers a very cool clock feature which allows you to see the current time
  • Alarm clock – needed for any watch
  • Compete with family and friends with the online Misfit communityMisfit Shine Or Fitbit
  • 3 Axis sensor – this is used to detect your activities as well as your sleeping patterns
  • Activity Monitor – The Shine will track your calories burned, distance travelled, and steps taken. You can monitor these results on the app or the web app as well as competing with other people
  • Sleep Monitor – Track your sleep time as well and the quality of your sleep. It will detect whether you are in light or deep sleep by your movement (or lack of)
  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • Choice of colours available
  • Very light and comfortable to wear. Weighing 9.4g


The Misfit Shine “shines” over The Flex in quite a few areas and here is why I think it is the better device of the two;

  1. It is waterproof so can be used for swimming. The Flex recommends, while it is water resistant, to not expose it to water too much.
  2. No need to keep taking it off to charge the battery – a very long lasting battery which you can just have backups. The Flex would need to be charged every few days which means that while it is charging it cannot measure your activity.
  3. Clock – the ability to check the current time is always very handy. The Flex has no clock.

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Number 2 – The Fitbit Flex

Jawbone Vs Fitbit

Fitbit are undoubtedly the best company of the two when it comes to marketing. They have spend an enormous amount of money to get their brand in front of people all over the world, but does that automatically make their product better than a competitors? No, well, not when comparing it to The Misfit Shine anyway and here are some of its features;

  • Misfit Shine Vs FitbitRecord and monitor your steps taken, distance travelled and the calories burnt throughout the day
  • Silent alarm – gently vibrates on your wrist so as to wake you and not your partner
  • Record active minutes as well as inactive minutes
  • Track your sleep, put it on sleep mode at night time and it will track your deep sleep, light sleep and wake times
  • While Fitbit claim it is water resistant, they also warn you to stay out of direct contact with water
  • Compete with friends and family with the Fitbit community
  • Collect rewards which will motivate you and push you further to reach your fitness goal
  • Choice of various colours available
  • Bluetooth or USB data transfer



The Fitbit Flex has one good feature over The Shine, but is it enough to sway your decision?;

  1. Silent alarm – the Misfit does not have a silent alarm where The Flex does. Although this is a silent alarm, it is not a “smart” alarm like the one you would get with other models where they wake you when you are in your light sleep as opposed to a heavy sleep so you wake up feel refreshed.

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Based on the facts stated above, my vote goes to The Misfit Shine. It is some very basic but very useful features such as a clock, the device being waterproof as well as the long life battery. The Fitbit is a decent device but lacks some very basic features.

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