Mio Fuse Vs Fitbit Charge HR 2017 – 2018 UK

Mio Fuse Vs Fitbit Charge HR

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Mio Fuse Very Accurate Heart Rate Tracking, Daily Activity Tracker, Waterproof Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Fitbit Charge HR All Round Activity Tracker, Constant Heart Rate Monitoring Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Mio Fuse

Mio Fuse Vs Fitbit Charge HROne of the easiest trackers to use straight out of the box. Three buttons on the device, two for each direction to scroll through the menus and a centre/top button to select.

To start working out you simply hold the centre button and you are ready to go. End the workout by doing the same thing, holding down the centre button.

In terms of accuracy when measuring the heart rate – it is one of the most accurate trackers on the market today. Activity trackers are known to be less accurate than chest straps (generally) but The Fuse is very very close when comparing readings to my chest strap. If you are looking to buy a tracker mostly for the heart rate tracking then look no further! You will not find a more accurate device

A very well built device which also looks very cool. It is made of a hard-wearing silicone material which, unlike glass or some plastics will not get damaged by general wear.

The Fuse is also waterproof to 30M, which means you can track your heart rate (as well as calories) during swimming.

Control the device via the app very easily. There is an initial set up process which you need to complete, but once this is done and out of the way – using The Fuse as well as changing settings via the app is very easy.Mio Fuse Vs Fitbit Charge HR

The Units The Fuse Displays During The Day;

Time – Always good to know what time it is without reaching for your phone

Step Count – Continually track your progress of how many steps you have taken during the day

Distance Travelled – Monitor the distance you have travelled 

Progress Towards Goal – How far are you from your daily fitness goal? Easily check using The Fuse

Calories Burned – One of the more important metrics to keep an eye on regardless of your fitness goal!

The Units Displayed During A Workout (Whether it be weights or cardio)

Current Heart Rate – If you are doing low or high intensity, you want to carefully track your heart rate to make sure you stay in the zones recommended. The Fuse makes this very easy by displaying real time information which is also VERY accurate. The heart rate monitor only tracks your heart rate during workouts and not all day. This makes sense as this is when you need to track your heart rate the most. The Fuse also conserves battery life by doing this so it is a plus point

Pace – When doing a cardio workout, it is always good to see what sort of pace you are running / walking at – always a good motivator to push you further!

Mio Fuse Or Fitbit Charge HRDistance – check how many miles or kilometres you have covered so far

Time – how long have you been working out, how long have you got left?

Calories – Again, one of the most important metrics to keep an eye on and a constant motivator, check how many calories you have burnt and how many you need to burn

The Fuse has a very cool magnet charger which comes with a built-in USB cable which is very convenient and user friendly.

The Mio Go smart phone application makes it very easy to adjust and track your data. The interface is very clean and the user experience very good. Track and log your statistics to monitor your progress.


  • Track your daily activity such as steps, distance, calories and you progress towards your fitness goal – great stats to keep you motivated
  • Clock – instant access to the time on your wrist
  • Very intuitive magnetic USB charger
  • Incredibly accurate heart rate monitor during workouts
  • Monitor and track your pace, heart rate, time, distance and calories during your workouts
  • Waterproof so you can swim with it and track your swim statistics
  • A Robust silicone material which not only is very durable, but is also very comfortable and looks good


A very well made activity tracker, The Mio Fuse has all the general units of measure one would expect such as daily tracking of steps, distance and calories. It has a very accurate heart rate monitor which only tracks your heart rate during workouts. The downsides to The Fuse is that it does not monitor sleep not does it have a silent alarm – which are almost basic features in activity trackers today. 

In my opinion, if you are looking for a good activity tracker where heart rate accuracy is important then The Fuse is the best option. If, however, you are looking for an all round product which includes sleep tracking and a silent alarm then I would focus towards The Charge HR.

I personally like The Fuse over the two as I primarily use the tracker to monitor my workouts, all the other features come secondary to that. For the accuracy of the heart rate – as well as the general looks of the device and its general activity tracking features; I am going to rate The Fuse as Number 1.

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The Fitbit Charge HR

A nice silicone band – just like The Fuse which gives it a durable yet subtle soft finish which is very comfortable to wear and looks good. The shape of The Charge HR is subtle and bending your wrist backwards will not cause any discomfort nor will it get caught on your long sleeve shirt cuff.

  • Fitbit Charge HR Vs Mio FuseSplash resistant, not water resistant – cannot go swimming with it. Even wearing it in the shower would not be recommended.
  • Display As Showing (in order)
  • The Time – A basic yet much needed feature (since The Flex) – also does not show the time as default view – you still need to tap on The Charge HR or press the button
  • Total steps – showing you the total steps travelled
  • Real time heart rate – your current heart rate. A good feature during the day, not as accurate as The Mio Fuse during workouts
  • Distance travelled – the distance you have travelled
  • Calories burned – An important feature – any decent tracker will track your calories, and the good ones give you a real time update so you know how much to keep your activities up
  • Stairs climbed – another very good feature if you climb stairs a lot and would like to monitor this
  • Also an option to change the display font type
  • Phone notifications – The only notifications you will get is the caller ID. Unfortunately you will not be able to see your text message or emails on The Charge HR
  • Sleep Monitoring – monitor your sleep, tracking your light as well as deep sleep
  • Silent alarm – to wake you and not your partner
  • Multi alarms – set your alarms for the whole week on repeat
  • Active minutes – track via appFitbit Charge HR Or Mio Fuse
  • Battery Life – 4-5 days


Some great all-round features, The Charge HR is a generally good all-round tracker, the app is very intuitive, easy on the eyes and user friendly.

For someone who wants a tracker for general day-to-day use, The Charge HR is a great option. 

For those who are serious about working out and need the accuracy in heart rate monitoring – then The Fuse is the clear winner.

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  1. Really useful. One other benefit of the Mio Fuse over the Fitbit Charge HR is that the Fuse also has ANT+ so it can link to gym equipment.

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