Massage Chair Reviews – Best In 2017 – 2018

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Napoli Heat and Massage Recliner 2 stem mahogany coloured base, Ergonomically designed backrest, 6 vibration massagers, Heat function, 4 point vibration massage foot rest Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Homcom Deluxe 10 Massage points, heat point, 2 massage points on foot rest, 9 modes Mid-Range Learn More Here!

FoxHunter 360 degree swivel, Integrated matching leather pouch, Massage zone selection with heat, 8-point vibration massage Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Best Heat Massage Chairs Of 2017 – 2018

After a hard day at work, there are times when you might like to relax in a nice comfortable chair. Wouldn’t it be great if you has a chair that can give you a relaxing massage as well? This list features the top three massage chairs on the market today.

Napoli Heat and Massage Recliner Chair Review – Our Number 1

Napoli Heat and Massage Recliner ChairThis two piece chair and foot stool is a well-made and very comfortable piece of furniture. The wood and leather design and integrated heat and massage features makes it perfect for those who want to relax in comfort. Here are some its other great features (lowest price).

  • The upholstery is a faux leather finish which is strong and durable. It also features a two stem mahogany stand for the chair and the stool. It will look great in any style of house with its contemporary look.
  • The backrest is specially designed and has 6 vibration settings and a built-in heat function. Ideal if you have back problems or just need to relieve some tension.
  • The footstool also has its own features. It has a four point vibration feature. Great for those tired feet after a long day.
  • The hand controls are simple and easy to use so you can quickly get the setting you want.

The Napoli Heat and Massage Chair is perfect to sit on in those cold winter evenings. It is well made and its design will fit in with most households.

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Homcom Deluxe Faux Leather Massage Chair Review – Number 2

Homcom Deluxe Faux Leather Massage ReclinerThis faux leather chair from Homcom is not only beautifully made, but also has a lovely finish that will feel really comfortable. Why not let us look at some of the other features of this chair (lowest price).

  • There are ten massage points built in to make you feel relaxed in massage mode. A great way to get rid of unwanted stress.
  • The chair has a total of six massage points and the stool two. This means you can get a full body massage at the touch of a button.
  • The massage force and heat can be adjusted to get the correct setting for you. There are a total of 9 modes available.
  • The remote control is simple and very easy to use, there are two pockets in the side to keep it safe when not in use.

This chair is the perfect answer to a hard day. It can massage and relax you with the touch of a button. With its well-made design and adjustable settings, it has everything you need to keep you nice and relaxed.

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FoxHunter Bonded Leather Massage Cinema Chair Review – Number 3

FoxHunter Bonded Leather Massage Cinema Recliner Sofa ChairThis chair from FoxHunter is a luxurious and well-padded massage and reclining chair that is perfect for relaxing in front of the TV or home cinema. It has a lot of nice features, let us look at some of these below.

  • The chair has a 360 degree swivel which is great for getting the perfect view without having to move the chair.
  • There are eight vibration points to produce an all over massage. There are two motors in the leg, thigh, lumbar and back areas. This is great for giving you a nice relaxing massage in any problem areas.
  • An integrated pouch in the side of the chair is great for keeping the remote control for the chair and other things to hand.
  • The easy to use control lets you set the strength of the massage and heat functions. This gives you total control of your relaxation.

The FoxHunter chair has many great features that make this product a great option for your home. It has a comfortable and well-padded design along with the added benefit of massage and heat options.


Update: The Madison Gaming Recliner is now the better number 3!

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The top spot in this list goes to the Napoli Heat and Massage Chair. It has a lovely faux leather finish and multiple settings so give you a lovely warming massage.

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