HX Phantom Hoverboard Review 2017 – 2018

Having reviewed many hoverboards, I was looking forward to receiving the new board from HX.

The packaging, right away, gives you the vibe that this is a premium board.

This is the review for a 10″ board in black.

First Impressions

hx hoverboard reviewAs Ive already stated, the packaging and presentation of the HX board is definitely premium. The box is branded and shows off the product that is inside.

Upon opening the box, there are instructions, power cables and a carry bag! (Bonus for the carry bag – even that seems to be well made and it will hold up!).

The Ride

After being fully charged, it was time for a test drive!

Switching the unit on, you will get an announcement where the board is looking for a bluetooth to pair with. So you can play music from your phone while riding around.hx hoverboard review 1

Having inflatable tyres ensures the ride is extremely smooth. This has proven to be true – for the video, I have only used it inside. Since shooting the video, I have also used it outside on both patio and on the grass and I have to say – it works flawlessly.

I have used models without the inflatable tyres and using those boards, you would inevitably get a rough ride. Also, with the standard boards; they struggle to work on grass (or pretty much any rough terrain). The boards from HX excel at exactly this. They work perfectly on grass, dirt and pretty much any rough terrain. The inflatable tyres and powerful motor ensures you get a smooth ride.

The speakers on the board are of high quality too and even at loud volumes, you will not hear any sound distortion.


Overall, one of the best boards we have tested. In terms of performance, battery and appearance; The HX comes out with full marks on all areas.

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