Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Review – Best Of 2017 – 2018 UK

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Fellowes 125Ci 100% Jam proof, Silent Shred Tech, 18 Sheets at once, 49 Litre Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Rexel Mercury RLS32 32 Sheets at once, 115 Litre, Shred staples, paper clips, credit cards & CD’s High-End Learn More Here!

Rexel Mercury RSX1630 Self cleaning cutter, 30 Litre, Jam free technology Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Best Top 3 Heavy Duty Paper Shredders Of 2017 – 2018

There are occasions when you may need a shredder that does more than the regular products. If you are running a small business or a home office, you might want something that can handle more paper or has a larger capacity. Here are the top three heavy duty shredders on the market today, let’s see what they are.

Fellowes 125Ci Jam Proof Small Office Shredder – Our Number 1

Fellowes 125CiThis shredder from Fellowes comes from a brand that has always given high quality products, especially in the stationery sector. It has a sleek design that will fit into any office with minimal impact on space. Here are some of its features (lowest price).

  • 100% jam proof, it can handle the toughest of paper with no problems and no jamming. A very useful idea for those with lots of thick paper or card.
  • SilentShred Technology that keeps the shredder very quiet. Ideal for a work environment when you are on the phone or talking to clients.
  • It can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at one time which is perfect for bulk shredding jobs.
  • An impressive 49 litre capacity that gives you a lot of room. It means you won’t have to empty the bin as often saving you time.

This well-made shredder from Fellowes has a lot of amazing features that will make it indispensable in your office. A well-deserved first place for this product.

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Rexel Mercury RLS32 Strip Cut Paper Shredder – Number 2

Rexel Mercury RLS32This great shredder from Rexel is packed with features and safety ideas that make it safe and easy to use. Another ideal candidate for the home or office, this product is well-made and reliable. Have a look at some of its other great features.

  • It can shred an impressive 32 sheets at one time. More than a lot of other shredders even the heavy duty types.
  • A big 115 litre bin can hold all the shredding you can throw at it. It is easy to empty and saves time between fills.
  • This shredder can handle staples, paper clips and even credit cards and CD’s. A very rugged machine that is perfect for the office that has multiple thickness paper or card.
  • The door open/bin full indicator is a great safety feature that will keep you and your employees safe.

Overall, the Rexel Mercury RLS32 is a very strong shredder that is perfect for those that smaller shredders can’t cope with. This is just a small sample of the features this shredder boasts, and it’s made by a quality manufacturer.

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Rexel Mercury RSX1630 Cross Cut Paper Shredder – Number 3

Rexel Mercury RSX1630Another tough cookie with a well-made design and sleek look. This shredder from Rexel has a lot of features, but is more compact for those with limited space. It has some clever additional extras that you might not see on other shredders to add to its attraction. Here are some more of its features.

  • Jam free technology means you won’t have to spend ages trying to free your shredder from little pieces of paper caught in the wheels.
  • A big 30 litre capacity bin makes it easy to get a lot of shredding finished between emptying. It is also very easy to remove and replace.
  • Self-cleaning cutter offer a more reliable machine that won’t need a lot of maintenance. Great for the office environment.
  • Also includes recycle bags to keep your office environmentally friendly.

This impressive shredder from Rexel has all it needs to be a reliable and efficient machine. It can handle many types of document and is easy to maintain.

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The top spot goes to the Fellowes 125Ci Jam proof Shredder. It is packed with features and is well-designed with the business needs in mind. A very worthy product for first place on the list.

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