Garmin Vivosmart Vs Fitbit Charge 2017 – 2018 UK

Garmin Vivosmart Vs Fitbit Charge

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Garmin Vivosmart Sexy Finish, Detailed Phone Notifications, Waterproof, Tracks All Activity Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker, Call Notification, Detailed Sleep Monitoring Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Number 1. The Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin Vivosmart X Fitbit ChargeFirstly The Vivosmart does look very nice. The curved display is just amazing and looks very futuristic and fashionable. 

From a very well known and reputable company in the fitness world, Garmin, comes The Vivosmart which is one of the most comfortable bands around, made from a silicone material which also makes it very durable. It is also thinner than other trackers which further adds to the comfort.

The Vivosmart is also water resistant unto 50m allowing you to swim or shower with it.

With no physical buttons on the tracker, The Vivosmart is touch activated and very responsive.

The display is off as default until you double tap to turn it on. The first screen you will see is the time and date which is very handy. From this point you can swipe to access the other features.

Accessing the notifications will give you real time sms, email, Facebook, call and pretty much any other notifications you would get on your smart phone. A very cool feature!

The next swipe will take you to your media controls for your smart phone, skip, replay or pause the music you are currently listening to.

Then comes the activity part of the display. Showing you the distance you have travelled, calories you have burnt and the move bar – a metric that highlights the amount of time you have been active and inactive for.

Vibration, which is subtle, smooth yet noticeable, on the device as well as the display showing the move bar when you have been idle for one hour in an attempt to get you moving! A very good feature and motivator.Garmin Vivosmart Vs Fitbit Charge

Once set up with your data, The Vivosmart will set the fitness goal for you. Over time it will learn your activities and fitness levels and adjust your goals on a daily basis. A very powerful and motivational feature!

Another feature worth mentioning is the “finding the phone”. If you have lost your phone – you can send it a notification from The Vivosmart to loudly alert you of its whereabouts. 

In Summary

  • The activity tracker will track steps taken, progress to goal, distance, calories burnt and sleep
  • The Vivosmart displays the time and date
  • Smart notifications – you can get real time notifications from your smart phone for sms, calls, emails, Facebook, calendar reminders and almost anything else you would get a notification for on the phone – a very cool feature!
  • Vibration alerts for the above mentioned notifications
  • Vibration alerts for the Move Bar – when you have been idle for too long and you need to move!
  • Aesthetically the best looking tracker around. Smooth curved finish which is comfortable to wear and very light
  • Find your phone – in case you lose your phone, send a notification to it so you can hear it
  • Waterproof – take it in the shower or go swimming with it
  • Touchscreen display, swiping to move between screens – a very responsive swipe once activated (doesn’t always stay activated when not is use to save battery).
  • Wireless sync to your smart phone or tablet or sync to the PC
  • 7 Days battery life.
  • Very accurate when tracking distances
  • Not an easy screen to read in the sun light.
  • Cannot set multiple alarms.
  • No detailed sleep analysis.

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The Vivosmart is the best looking activity band I have seen. It’s curved display is very sexy and the swipe/touchscreen very responsive and smart. 

The notifications feature is very clever, which excels when other trackers in The Vivosmart’s league will only show sms and calls or just calls as far as The Charge is concerned.

The Vivosmart does lack in some basic features such as detailed sleep analysis and the fact that you cannot set multiple alarms. Reading the screen in direct sunlight (even at full brightness) is very difficult.

Despite its short comings, I would definitely go for The Vivosmart over The Charge because of the fact that it is very intuitive with its Move Bar. It is accurate in terms of distance and the notifications are very detailed.

You can also get a heart rate monitor if you so wish, which is a separate device.

As a bonus, if you have other Garmin devices, you can easily connect to it with The Vivosmart.

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Number 2. The Fitbit Charge.

The Fitbit Charge Vs The Jawbone Up24Very comfortable to wear and a nice finish. The band itself is fairly thin in terms of thickness and is around the width of a typical digital wrist watch. The textured finish on the silicone bands makes it nice to the touch.

The display shows the current time, the total steps you have taken today, the distance you have travelled today, the number of calories you have burned and the flights of stairs you have climbed.

A very nice app from Fitbit. Compared to that of The Vivosmart, a lot more intuitive and user friendly while being visually pleasing.

Customise your daily goals on the app and then sync your real time data from The Charge – which will keep you motivated. There isn’t a “smart goal” feature like that featured on The Vivosmart.

Audio cues available through the smart phone app to let you know when you have run a certain number of minutes or miles – a very useful and motivating feature!

Lightly water resistance unto 10m. I would still not feel comfortable using it while swimming. Showers should be OK.

With regards to notifications, it will only show incoming phone call caller ID’s.Fitbit Charge Vs Jawbone Up24

Auto-sleep feature. No need to tell it that you are going to sleep, it knows. It will only track your basic sleep information.

In Summary

  • Accurately track your steps, distance, stairs (floors) climbed and active minutes as well as your calories burned
  • Check the time and date very easily
  • Monitor your sleep
  • Vibrating / silent alarm
  • Call notifications on your wrist
  • Very comfortable wrist band to wear throughout the day as well as during workouts and at night while you sleep


Another very good tracker. When compared to The Vivosmart, it does have better sleep tracking, and it has a better overall app.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as nice and as sleek as The Vivosmart and also falls short with regards to notifications and water resistance.

Its major pros are the better display in sunlight and the more detailed sleep monitor.

Again, my vote goes to The Vivosmart.

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