Best Food & Meat Slicers – Reviews 2017 – 2018 UK

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Graef EVO E 20 Powerful 170 watt motor, Upto 20mm thickness, Child safety lock, Robust build High-End Learn More Here!

Ritter 515.000 E16 German Engineering, Slice bread as well as meat, Precise & reduces risk of tearing meat, Inclined housing reducing effort Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Luvele Razor Powerful 180watt Motor, 0mm to 15mm thickness, Meats & Cheeses to Bread, Fruits & Veg, 1 Year Full Cover Warranty Affordable Learn More Here!

Best Food & Meat Slicers – Top 3 In 2017 – 2018

When you cook that lovely Sunday roast, you want it to be perfect when you serve it for dinner. However, when you try to carve it, it can end up a bit of a mess. What would make life easier, is to get a food slicer. They can make quick work of your joint of meat. This is a list of the top three food slicers on the market today.


Graef EVO E20 Food Slicer – Our Number 1

Graef EVO E 20 Food slicerThe EVO E20 from Graef is ideal for the family who needs to make their joint go further by evenly cutting the meat. It looks really elegant and will look good enough on the work surface not to need putting away (lowest price).

  • The variable setting can adjust the thickness of the slice up to 20 mm. You can choose exactly how thick each slice will be.
  • The powerful 170 watt motor is strong enough to slice through the toughest of meat with ease. It also reduces tearing when slicing.
  • The beautiful design is both elegant and strong so it will last for many years. It will look great in any kitchen.
  • The integrated child safety lock is designed to protect children from suffering any injury from the machine. It will give you great peace of mind.

Overall, this machine from Graef is an ideal product for the rigors of Christmas dinner or a big dinner party. You can cook and slice your own meats in advance and save lots of time and money.

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Ritter 515.000 E16 Food Slicer – Number 2

ritter 515.000 E16This slicer from Ritter uses the precision of German engineering to bring a really accurate and well-made product. It has a great construction and safety features that will impress. Here are some of its other features.

  • It has the capacity to slice not just meat, but also bread as well. This is great if you have problems keeping the slices straight.
  • A special serrated blade means the slicer is more precise and needs less effort to do a good job. It also reduces the risk of tearing the meat.
  • The inclined housing makes it easy to slice things properly because you don’t need to push while slicing.
  • The metal and aluminium housing is strong and easy to keep clean. It will mean that this product will keep going for a long time.

The Ritter 515.000 E16 Food Slicer is the perfect product for anyone who has problems slicing bread or meat. It will give you an even cut every time and look good in the kitchen as well.

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Luvele Razor Electric Food Slicer – Number 3

Luvele Razor Electric Meat SlicerThe Luvele Razor is a stunning looking food slicer. It has a beautiful black and grey colour and stainless steel blade that make a lovely contrast. It also has some nice features to make slicing easy. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • The 180 watt motor is quiet and driven by gears to put less strain on the blade. This means you get a great result every time you slice.
  • There are two hardened steel blades to cut meat at thicknesses from 0mm to 15mm. This will give you amazing control over what you want.
  • You get a round blade for cutting meat and cheese and another serrated blade for bread, fruit and vegetables. This gives you even more choice over what you can do.
  • The large capacity food guide allows you to cut large loaves of bread and meat without having to cut it in two.

This product has some great features that will make it a sure win for many looking for a versatile food slicer.

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The top spot goes to the Graef EVO E20 food slicer. It has a lovely design and a good all round performance that will enable you to slice foods easily.

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