Fitbit Vs Jawbone – Comparing The Flex & UP24 2017 – 2018

Fitness trackers have been a great hit over the last few years with fitness enthusiasts and techies alike. Having a device on your wrist that can track the distances you have travelled, steps you have taken, calories you’ve burnt and even the quality of sleep is quite a technological advance.

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There are quite a few activity trackers currently on the market to choose from. There are very basic and simple ones like The Fitbit One which is a small device which you put in your pocket, clip it to your trousers or bra and it tracks your activity.

On the other end of the scale there are some very sophisticated trackers like The Fitbit Surge which track your heart rate, you can control the music of your phone with them, they even have a built in GPS system so you can geographically track your location.

In the middle we have the generally popular option as they have more features than the entry level option and are more affordable than the high end options, and they have enough data to track your activity so you can monitor your progress. These are The Fitbit Flex and The Jawbone UP24.

Both are very popular, both are very good devices with basic yet very usable, everyday common features that would track the data that we would use to improve ourselves. Data like steps taken, calories burnt, amount and quality of sleep that we can monitor as time goes by.

So what is the difference between the two activity trackers?

Number 1. The Jawbone UP24

The UP 24 is the winner here. While the majority of the features in both of the trackers are fairly similar. The UP24 does have an edge on some of the “smarter” features which gives The Flex its second place. Here are some of the features in The UP24:

  • Jawbone Vs FitbitTrack your activity throughout the day. From your basic walking to and from work and around the supermarket to running – whether outside or in the gym. The UP24 will track your steps and distance travelled based on steps taken.
  • Monitor the calories that you burn on a daily basis. Not just in the gym or when running but also just doing your everyday things like commuting to and from work. Going shopping or even when just walking the dog. This is crucial in controlling your diet and monitoring your weight
  • Compare your stats with your friends or others in the community – this is the best kind of motivation. You can also earn points and rewards in the Jawbone app
  • The ability to track the amount and the quality of sleep. The UP24 tracks your sleep time and wake time based on your movements.
  • Silent alarm so it only wakes you up. The silent alarm is also smart so it knows when you are in a state of light sleep and it will wake you up then. If it woke you whilst you were in deep sleep, you would not wake to a cheery feeling.Fitbit Vs Jawbone
  • Connectivity to the UP Insight Engine – a very good feature because it is clever enough to give you realistic activity goals based on your history. So for example it will tell you to walk a few steps more or burn x number of extra calories. Since this is based on your history it is very personal and very realistic. Needless to say, very impressive!
  • If you are idle for too long, it will vibrate, basically telling you to get up and do something that’s active. A very good feature to prevent you from becoming too lazy

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Number 2. The Fitbit Flex.

Jawbone Vs FitbitThe Flex is a more popular product mostly due to the marketing they have done – which has worked very well. But in my opinion, not the better product. Having said that, The Flex is a good quality tracker and it does have some good features such as:

  • The ability to track the steps you take through your day as well as the distance travelled. With the community you work to achieve goals and even show off to and compete witj your friends
  • If you are watching your calorific intake, with The Flex you can also track your calories. It tells you how many calories you have burnt during the day or doing a particular activity. This is calculated from the movements and the steps travelled
  • Sleep monitor to track and record the quality of sleep, again, based on your movement during the night
  • Silent alarm to wake only you and not your partner
  • Set your goals and then work hard trying to achieve them!

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Fitbit Or Jawbone




Both are very good trackers made by reputable companies. Both have good communities which you can be a part of and they are both accurate and have similar battery lives.

If you are looking for something good but cost-friendly then The Flex is a very good option. Try not to think of it as the “cheap” option as it is still a very good quality product.

If you are able to to spend that little bit extra, then I personally favour The UP24. It has a much cooler and snazzier finish, I love the way it just fits around your wrist like a bracelet. It is comfortable and it looks nice. Besides the aesthetics of it, it also has some small yet noteworthy features lacking in The Flex such as it if you are idle too long, it will vibrate telling you to get up and burn some calories. Also the fact that it wakes you up when you are in a light state of sleep so you are more refreshed is another great point. Is the small things in life that count and this is why I have rated the UP24 number 1.

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Whatever you decide to go with, please to let us know.

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