Fitbit Surge Vs Basis Peak 2017 – 2018 UK

Activity trackers in 2015 have become very advanced. They used to be able to track your steps, calories, distance and sleep. Now with the likes of the two we are going to review in this post, The Fitbit Surge & The Basis Peak will also track heartbeat, stairs climbed (altitude) different levels of fitness workouts, as well as GPS location.

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Comparing The Fitbit Surge & The Basis Peak

Both of these activity trackers are very well made, they both excel in features in their own respective rights. Rather than being activity trackers which track general day-to-day activities, these two very cool devices are fitness trackers so they will track things like cross training, strength training, cardio and running. So let’s see which one is the better fitness tracker;

Features On The Fitbit Surge

  • Fitbit Surge Vs Basis PeakAlarm clock – a pretty basic feature needed to wake you up in the mornings
  • Sleep tracking – press a button and go to sleep – The Surge will manage the rest
  • Barcode scanner – a very handy feature for logging the foods you eat right into the Fitbit database to help you keep track of your calorific goal
  • Log all of your workouts right on the Fitbit Surge
  • Splash resistant – you can get it wet, but shouldn’t wear it in the shower, swimming pool or the bath
  • Altitude meter – to track the stairs you have climbed
  • Bike tracking – to track your bike rides – it does this by tracking your heart rate. Many of the lower priced models would not track bike activity because your arm isnt moving
  • Ambient light sensor – a good feature which will automatically dim and brighten the display depending on the surrounding light
  • Stopwatch – for manually timing an activity or event
  • Set goals – to meet and to beat! The whole point of having a fitness tracker in the first place!
  • Distance travelled – calculating this using the steps you have taken as well as the GPSFitbit Surge Vs Basis Peak
  • Tracks your activities as well as your stationary time – it will also measure the amount of “idle” time you have during the day
  • Calorific burn – a very important metric when trying to get fit, you always want to keep track of how many calories you have burnt
  • Heart Rate – whether it is low intensity steady state workout or a high intensity interval training that you are doing, keeping a close eye on your heart rate will keep you on your toes and push you closer to your fitness goals
  • Sleep – The Surge will track not only the times you have been asleep but also the quality of sleep you are getting based on your movements and heart rates throughout the night.

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Features On The Basis Peak

  • Basis Peak or Fitbit SurgeAutomatic everything! This watch will detect all of your activities automatically, it just “knows”.
  • Automatic sleep detection, no need to press a button or go into settings, just fluff your pillow and go to sleep. Let The Peak worry about the rest! The sleep tracking is advanced, it uses the heart rate and the accelerometer data to provide in-depth sleep statistics including REM & deep sleep
  • Automatically adjusts weekly goals based on your history in working out and your performanceBasis Peak Vs Fitbit Surge
  • Regular notifications on the watch or on your phone both when you’re doing well and when you’re in need of a gentle push! – kind of like having a guardian angel on your wrist who’s also a part time personal trainer! Tracking habits for improving sleep, being more active, burning more calories and more…
  • Alerts right to your fitness tracker – get call, SMS, email and calendar alerts right on the screen of your tracker so no need to pull out your phone – you can check them right on your wrist
  • Optical heart rate sensor – to monitor your heart rates when resting, when active and when asleep
  • Galvanic skin response measuring your skin temperature and perspiration
  • Water resistant – I still wouldn’t go swimming but it seems to have more water resistance than The Surge
  • Touch screen controls – swipe left and right, up or down for quick access and will always default to the clock as the “home” screen
  • Track any of your workouts, from bike to running (soon to be an update for more such as strength training etc.)

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The Verdict

The Fitbit Surge is a very good device, the manufacturers have done a good job on it, but it feels somewhat “rushed into release” there are some features which could definitely be better than they are. Having said that The Surge does have some good features which the Peak does not; GPS, alarm clock, stopwatch and barcode scanner. The Surge also looks quite a lot better than the Peak as well which is always a good thing as wearing it all the time is somewhat of a fashion statement.

The Peak, made by Intel who took over Peak, has some great features, the ability firstly to just wear the tracker and let the tracker worry about the rest is definitely something I love. The auto detect activity is something that gives it a huge edge, where with The Surge you do need to tell it everything you do.

The Peak also allows access to all your data for no charge where Fitbit do charge an annual subscription to the advanced data – this is very bad on Fitbit’s part because the way I see it, if you have paid for the product then that alone should allow you to have full access to its features.

My opinion is The Basis Peak is the better product of the two, it is more user friendly and seems to be much more accurate than The Surge (check Amazon customer reviews here). The Peak has a better company behind it, Intel – being the leaders of creating computer processors for decades have made this product the leader currently. There are also future updates which will make a very good product even better!

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