Fitbit One Vs Flex 2017 – 2018 UK

Two great products from Fitbit, are the Fitbit One and the Fitbit Flex. We will be taking a close look and comparing the two of them.

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It seems everyone is into keeping fit and getting into shape, now more than ever!

With the technology constantly advancing and bringing new and cool gadgets to get excited about, the health and fitness world has taken to The Fitbit. For those that don’t know Fitbit are a major manufacturer of activity tracker devices which measure the distances walked, sleep as well as heart rates and GPS locations depending on the model. The device tracks all of this data and communicates¬†to your smart phone via bluetooth or when connected to the PC, the online web app. This way you can track your calories, amount of steps walked, stairs climbed and heart rates throughout the day.


fitbit one reviewThe Fitbit One.

This is truly a great little device that can pretty much be your little personal trainer! It will keep track of your daily calorie burn so it will track your steps walked and stairs climbed. It monitors how well you sleep, so you can see this on a chart to monitor your progress as you get into the fitness regime. One of the best things I have found about it, is the fact that it has a silent alarm so it wont wake up anyone else with loud sounds, but its vibration is enough to wake you up softly from a good nights sleep!

With all of the data it has collected, it will then relay this to your smart phone or tablet via a bluetooth connection. You could also connect it directly to your PC and view your progress. I personally had this connected to my iPhone and it would constantly update and keep me motivated. The best thing is, and this is also something that is very motivating! – the fact that you can compete with your friends and family so you are always challenging yourself to be the best, to work the most calories out of your day! This truly is the best kind of motivation!fitbit one

You set the goals of where you want to be after entering the data of where you are currently, then you work hard to reach your goal earning points and badges along the way. The idea here is to earn more points and badges than your friends.

The Fitbit One does have a few features which the Flex does not have, the first being a clock. It is always useful having a clock on the go with you. When you are in the gym or even when you are out on a run, you may not have your phone or a watch with you, so the clock will come in handy. The other feature is the monitor for stair climbing. If you do climb a lot of stairs during the average day and would like this to be tracked in your daily activity, then the One is the best choice.

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fitbit flexThe Fitbit Flex.

Much like the Fitbit One, The Flex will give you all of the features of the One, but in a wearable form as a watch.

The Fitbit Flex is a true activity tracker device. It will also tell you the calories you have burnt throughout your day, monitoring the steps, calories and distances travelled. The Flex also has the sleep tracker featured in the One which is a great feature for both mid-ranged products.

Very much like the One, the data collected is then passed to your smart phone or PC and your progress can then be monitored. You still have the same features as far as competing against friends and families go, along with earning points and badges along the way.fitbit flex review

The Flex does lack a few features that the One has, one of which is a clock. This can be handy and I think it is much a flaw considering the shape and how you wear the Flex. You wear it as a you would a watch! I feel they didn’t put the clock in this because it is unable to display digits or anything other than dots.

The other feature that the Flex doesn’t have is it will not tell you how many stairs or floors you have climbed. So if you are climbing up and down stairs and buildings, you may want to consider looking at the Fitbit One or one of the other models such as The Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR or Fitbit Surge.

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Bottom Line.

While both devices have some good features, I am leaning towards the One simply because of the clock and the ability to track stairs climbed. To me (as they will be to most people), are good and needed features.

I also like the fact that with the Flex, you have the option to wear it as a watch. Put it on your wrist and forget about it – simple! Where with the One you would need to clip it onto your belt or some item of clothing.

If you climb stairs and need the clock with you, then go for the One – Check reviews and prices here.

If you don’t climb stairs and don’t need a clock on the go, then its the Flex –¬†Check reviews and prices here.

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