Duronic Soup Maker Review 2017 – 2018

Duronic BL89 Soup Maker Review

If you’re looking for a kitchen device to help prepare fresh soups, among other things, you can do far worse than the Duronic BL89 Soup Maker (learn more here!). A great addition to any kitchen, the BL89 easily proved itself to me through its sheer diversity of uses.

  • Time – A good soup takes time and the BL89 can create meals in periods between 20 to 30 minutes. This is real soup, otherwise we would use a microwave, so time isn’t an issue. What this does do, however, is offer 20 to 30 minutes of free time while it takes care of the work.
  • Smooth or Chunky Soup – One of the biggest benefits to this soup maker is that it has a variety of settings, including two just for soup. As a device that’s intended for soup lovers, this is an instantly noticeable feature. Whether you want smooth or chunky soup, the BL89 can cater to both needs. It performs these tasks well, with no compromise in thickness of flavour.
  • Duronic BL89 Soup Maker ReviewHeat Functionality – Another surprising feature in the BL89 is its various abilities to heat, or re-heat food. At its simplest, this allows you to use Duronic’s latest soup machine to keep your soup hot until you’re ready to eat, but it also has a lot more uses. There are settings to help you boil eggs, steam vegetables and, of course, reheat meals that have already gone cold. Even when you’re not making soup, this handy little device always seems to find a use.
  • Built-in Blender – Similarly, it makes perfect sense that the BL89 can also blend various food items. It can already create either smooth or thick, chunky soups, so the option of turning solid foods into a liquids (of various consistencies) is an ideal feature. This saves a lot of space on the kitchen counter, as this discrete device fulfils both roles. Admittedly, not everyone uses a blender that frequently, but its a welcome addition to the kitchen when you do need it. The pulse function, for extra control, is also an appreciated touch.
  • Smoothies – When you think about it, smoothies are very similar to soup, with the biggest difference being the temperature. While this isn’t the main purpose to the BL89 Soup Maker, the option to make smoothies is a welcome addition for when you feel like something different. It’s features like this that ensure this device is never completely packed away into a cupboard, as it always has something to offer kitchen enthusiasts.
  • Easy To Clean – Like other blenders and steamers, the glass jug makes for some very easy upkeep. The product even comes with a fresh cleaning sponge, although there’s nothing to stop you washing the jug in the sink or dishwasher with your other glassware.

With these many options, I found myself using the BL89 much more than I thought I would. Even if its just steaming vegetables for a larger dinner, the device made larger tasks much more easier. With a 1.75 kg jug, the BL89 has a large enough capacity to justify its place in a great number of kitchens.


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