Why Cross Trainers Are Fantastic For Cardio!

Cross trainers, otherwise known as the elliptical machine is now one of the more popular machines for cardio in the gym. There are many reasons why the cross training is the workout of choice, below we have listed the top 5;

3 Reasons Why You Should Prefer The Cross Trainer

  1. 5 top reasons to workout on cross trainerLow impact – As opposed to running, one of best reasons to use the cross trainer is because it is low impact. When you run, your legs impact your joints on every step. This can, overtime, cause problems in your joints. Working out on the cross trainer keeps the impact away from your joints as you are moving in a circular motion. Hence the name “elliptical” trainer.
  2. High Intensity – While the exercise and movements are low in impact, you can still very much get a great high intensity workout using this machine. The elliptical machine incorporates the flywheel. It is this flywheel that allows you to get that high intensity, fat burning workout on the cross trainer.
  3. Vary Your Workouts – Keep the workouts interesting and get away from the treadmill and rowing machine by using the cross trainer. This machine gives you a full body workout and is perfect in helping you get that summer body!


If you are looking to shape up and trim the fat fast, then your best bet is the cross trainer. You will find them in any gym or follow this link to find the best home cross trainers to buy.


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