Clothes Steamer Reviews – The Best Of 2017 – 2018 UK

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Best Garment Steamer 45 Second heat up, 1750 Watts, 1600mm long hose, 3.0 litre water tank Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Babz Steamer 45 Second heat up, 1450 Watts, Telescopic rod Affordable Learn More Here!

Salamandres L1500 1500 watts, 1.7 Litre water tank, Ultra Lightweight ergonomic handle, 2 year warranty Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Best Clothes Steamers Of 2017 – 2018

For those who want to recreate the professional steam cleaned look, there are a range of clothes steamers on the market. They are excellent at steaming those garments that cannot be ironed in the normal way. This list has three of the top clothes steamers around at the moment. Let us see what they have to offer.

Best Garment Steamer 3.0L Review – Our Number 1

Salamandres L1500 Clothes SteamerThis steamer has a list of great features that will give you great results on any garment you want to clean. It provides high power steam and a useful stand to hold the clothes as you clean them. Let us see what else it can do (lowest price).

  • An impressive 1750 watts of steam power means it can easily clean any garment and create a high heat to eliminate those creases.
  • 1600 mm long hose lets you reach any part of your clothes while they are being cleaned. You won’t have to stretch or pull to get to all the angles.
  • A 3.0 litre water tank capacity means you can easily clean for hours without having to refill.

This clothes steamer is great and will we easily clean heavy coats, curtains, and any other item you can’t clean otherwise. A worthy product for number one on the list.

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Babz Professional & Portable Steam Cleaner Review – Number 2

Babz STEAMERThe Babz Professional and Portable Steam Cleaner is as the name suggests. A great cleaner that packs a lot of power into a portable machine. It has a range of attachments that can be used on different fabrics. Take a look at what other features this little machine has.

  • It can quickly start to emit steam in as little as 45 seconds. This means you can get started quickly and you won’t have to wait for the steam to get hot enough to work.
  • The automatic overheat shutoff feature protects you from possible burns and also protects the machine from damage.
  • It uses its 1450 watt steam power to remove creases easily and clean with a high steam heat.

This is a great little clothes cleaner that belies its small stature. The water tank can keep the steam coming for a long time between fills, just what you need.

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Salamandres L1500 Clothes Steamer – Number 3

Clothes steamer Salamandres L1500Another great clothes steamer, the Salamandres L1500 is small but perfectly formed and able to deal with any heavy garment that requires steam cleaning. It looks very neat and tidy and won’t take too much space in your cupboard or wardrobe. Why don’t we see what other features this machine has to offer?

  • With a 1500 watt steam output, it can clean your clothes easily and create heat up to 98 degrees Celsius.
  • It will heat up the water to steam in just 1 minute for a quick and painless start. This means you can use it for any last minute needs without having to wait.
  • The 1.7 litre water tank is large enough to let you steam many items before you need to refill.
  • With the machine also comes brush attachments as well as hanger tensioners for skits or trousers. Everything you will need to do a perfect job.

The Salamandres is a great machine that will make life so much easier than having to get your garments done professionally. Definitely worth the number three spot on the list.

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The top spot has gone to the BestSteam Garment Steamer 3.0L. It has a lot of the ideal attachments and features that you would need on a product like this. It heats up fast and has a large water capacity which makes this machine a winner.

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