Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender Review 2019 – 2020

Cuisinart SSB1U All-Purpose Soup Maker Review

The Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker (learn more here!) is a great example of what is now a must have kitchen gadget. Gone are the days when making soup required laborious chopping, endless boiling and messy blending – the Cuisinart SSB1U does everything for you all at once.

Cuisineart SSB1U ReviewSoup makers are similar in design and function to many blenders but the difference is that they contain a heating element while blending to heat up and cook the food as it blends.

In this way, all you need to do to make a perfect soup is to put in your favourite ingredients, attach the lid and switch on, job done.

Some features of the Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker are:

  • Make your own hot and fresh soup in no more than twenty minutes
  • A great way to use up your left over vegetables, almost any combination of veggies can be made in to a delicious soup.
  • Super-fast heating element sautés and simmers while you put your feet up.
  • The Cuisinart SSB1U can be used as normal blender too if you fancy making a fruit smoothie instead, it’s even powerful enough to crush ice if you want to make an ice cold drink.
  • Non-stick cooking plate with self-cleaning function makes soup making effortless, with no mess anywhere.
  • Use the Cuisinart SSB1U to make sauces, dips, dressings and gravy too.
  • Ideal for the health conscious food lover, there is no better way to get your five-a-day than with freshly made soup.
  • Blend soup to your preferred consistency from smooth and satisfying to thick and rustic
  • Easy to use controls – add your favourite ingredients and either stock or water and wait for your soup to prepare itself.
  • Powerful chopping blades make short work of even the toughest vegetables like parsnips or carrots.
  • Generous 1.4 litre capacity for soups.
  • Safety seal lid means there is no risk of hot liquid being splashed everywhere as it blends.
  • Non-stick cooking plate sauté’s while you wait
  • Comes complete with handy recipe book to help you.

Eating healthily and eating conveniently are for the most part contradictions in terms and we must often choose one or the other. But having a soup maker like the Cuisinart SSB1U gives you the best of both worlds because fresh soup made with one of these machines is both healthy and convenient. Although a recipe book full of fab ideas for soups is included there is nothing stopping you experimenting with your own favourite ingredients, you really can’t go wrong.

Overall the Cuisinart SSB1U soup maker must be seen as an invaluable addition to your kitchen. With today’s busy lifestyles the thought of chopping and boiling veggies on the stove top is out of the question for many of us, the Cuisinart SSB1U literally does all of the hard work and even cleans itself when it’s done.

It is like having your very own sous chef! Unlike so many of todays kitchen gadgets, the Cuisinart SSB1U really does deserve a place on your kitchen counter because the possibilities for inventing and making your own soups and smoothies is endless.