Best Running Belts – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Running Belts

Whether you are training for a marathon or just jogging to improve fitness you will need to take some provisions with you. A water bottle is a must for running because dehydration at the very least will impair your performance and make it harder to carry on and, at the worst, can prove quite dangerous especially in warm weather. You may also want somewhere convenient to store your phone, granola bar, credit card and other items without having to carry a backpack or shoulder bag. Running belts (sometimes also known as hydration belts) are basically fanny packs which are designed for runners. Your carry them around your waste so you can keep your arms free, there is no addition strain on your upper body so you may be able to run for longer, and running belts tend to be large enough to carry all the necessities but small enough not to become bothersome.

The running belt which is right for you will depend on several factors including your waist measurements, weight, training and the features you especially want. It can be hard to know where to start or what to choose, so if you are interested in buying a running belt but you are not sure where to start read on for our review!

Hydrabelt Review – Our Number 1

HydrabeltThis running belt has been designed to keep your comfortable and hydrated throughout your activity. Read on to find out more.

* The Hydrabelt (learn more here!) features a high mounted zip to keep your belongings safe. It also includes a large internal pocket where you can keep your valuables and it is designed to fit even the largest smart phones.

* This running belt has been designed for comfort. It is made out of lightweight, high quality and soft neoprene material, it is sweat and water resistant and it includes contoured grips to remove friction and chaffing. This belt has been designed for running, but you can also use it for walking, hiking, skateboarding and even snowboarding.Hydration Running Belt 1

* The Hydrabelt comes with two water bottle compartments to help you keep hydrated through your training. Purchasing the Hydrabelt will also provide you with two included BPA-free 295 water bottles. These bottles are kept secure by elastic attachments to make sure they don’t get lost during your exercise, and there is a reflective tab which you can easily remove to access your water bottles whenever necessary.

* It is very important that your running belt fits correctly. The Hydrabelt can be adjusted to fit 30-48 inch hips.

* This running belt has been designed to last as long as possible and it includes elasticated straps rather than Velcro straps to improve its longevity.

* The Hydrabelt is machine washable so you can just pop it in with the rest of your washing when needs be.

* This running belt comes with a full 28 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty.


Features: Comfortable – Lots Of Storage Space – Two Water Bottle Compartments – Free Water Bottles – Adjustable – Elasticated Straps – Machine Washable – 12 Month Warranty.

Pricing: Mid-Range/Affordable.




Protone hydration belt Review – Number 2

ProtoneThis running belt will help you get the most out of your exercise and it’ll ensure you’re safe in the process! Read on to find out more.

* The Protone hydration belt comes with two water bottle compartments to help you keep hydrated even in hot weather. This belt also includes two BPA-free 9oz water bottles.

* This running belt includes large compartments which you can use to store all your valuables including your phone, keys and money.

* The Protone running belt is made out of water resistance neoprene material which will help keep you dry and comfortable throughout your activity.Protone

* This running belt includes high visibility zips and bottle lids so you can keep safe and visible in the dark or in foggy conditions.

* The Protone hydration belt has two toggles which you can use to attach your race number if applicable.


Features: Two Water Bottle Compartments – Two BPA Free Water Bottles – Large Compartments For Valuables – Water Resistance Material – High Visibility – Race Number Toggles.

Pricing: Affordable.




Anker Running Belt Review – Number 3

AnkerThis affordable running belt is ideal for storing your keys, phone and other small objects. Read on to find out more.

* The Anker Running Belt is simple, stylish and made out of comfortable, sweat proof materiel.

* This running belt is fully adjustable ad designed to fit as securely and comfortably as possible.

* The Anker Running Belt has a slimline design which will hold your valuables without slowing you down in the process. This running belt includes a compartment which is perfect for keeping your keys away from your phone and there is easy headphone access so you can listen to music during your run.

* This Anker Running Belt comes with an 18-month warranty and customer support.


Features: Comfortable – Sweat Free Design – Adjustable – Slimline – Key Compartment – 18 Month Warranty.

Pricing: Affordable.





All of the running belts in this review are top notch and will make your running experience a lot easier and more convenient, but one of these running belts, in particular, deserves a special mention. First place goes to the HYDRABELT by Lava Activ because it has impressive storage facilities, it is very comfortable, it comes with sturdy water bottle compartments and two free water bottles so you can keep hydrated, it can be adjusted to fit anyone with 30-48 inch hips, it is machine washable and it comes with a 12 month warranty!




Best Multi Gyms – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Multi Gyms

If you are interested in weight training but you don’t have the time or patience to join a gym than buying a multi gym for home use is a good alternative. Weight training not only makes you stronger, fitter and healthier but it also raises your metabolic rate so you end up burning more fat even when you’re not training. Some people swear by the gym and manage to go there several times a week, but a lot of people find them uncomfortable, inconvenient and a waste of money because it can be really hard to find the time and motivation to actually go. Using gym equipment at home allows you to go at your own pace, spend as much or as little time as you want on various exercises and try new things without worrying about any burly gym bunnies judging you. Multi gym’s which are designed for home use can actually be quite compact so you don’t need to worry about not having a huge about of space, and multi-gyms are designed to be very safe so as long as you follow the exercises correctly the risk of injury is pretty unlikely.

If you are new to weight lifting you may be a little unsure of what your multi gym should contain. There are many different types of multi gyms which offer various options and types of equipment, so before you buy you’ll need to think about what your goals are, which exercises are most important for achieving those goals, and which equipment you can and can’t live without. If you would like to gain a better insight into what is available, or if you want to make a purchase right now, read on for our review of the three best home multi gyms!

Marcy MD-9010G Review – Our Number 1

Marcy MD-9010GThis extensive multi gym has everything you’ll need for a thorough strength workout. Read on to discover more.

* The Marcy Home Gym (learn more here!) has many different features which you can use for compound and isolated strength training. It includes an arm curl pad, an Olympic barbell holder, attachments including a variety bars and ankle straps, leg developer, weight post and a heavy duty frame which can be used to hold up to 270kg weights.

* This multi gym also comes with storage holders for your weights, a commercial grade ball bearings system, a weight post and weight plate posts.

* You can use the Marcy Home Gym for a variety of exercises including the bench press, triceps extension, seated row and leg curl. This home gym can also be used for compound exercises including squats and the military press.Marcy MD-9010G 1

* This home gym includes sealed linear ball bearings for ultra smooth movements. This gym does not include the optional weights.

* The Marcy Home Gym comes with an adjustable bench which can be used on an include, flat and straight angles depending on the exercise.

* This Marcy Home Gym includes a strong steel frame which is solid, steady and durable.

* The maximum user weight for this multi gym is 21 stone.

* This multi gym comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 3 year parts warranty and a 1 year upholstery warranty.


Features: Allows For Many Different Exercises – Can Hold Up-To 270 KG Weights – Weight Post And Weight Holders – Smooth Motions – Adjustable Bench – Durable Frame – 3 Year Parts Warranty. Pricing: High-End.





Weider 8700 Review – Number 2

Weider 8700This compact multi gym will help get you stated on your weight training journey without breaking the bank. Read on to find out more.

* The Weider 8700 home gym lets you do a variety of strength training exercising including chest presses, biceps curls, leg extensions, crunches and more.

* This home gym is a good choice if you are on a budget, you are new to fitness and/or you are mostly interested in the exercises listed above.

* This multi gym has a 57kg weight stack and offers a maximum resistance of 150kg.

* The Weider Multi Gym comes with an adjustable, deep padded seat as well as precision pulleys.Weider 8700 1* This home gym with a 1 year parts warranty which can be extended to two years if you register within 28 days.

* The Weider home gym is sold with an exercise chart to help get you started.


Features: Allows For A Variety Of Exercises – 57KG Weigh Stack – Adjustable Padded Seat – Two Year Parts Warranty – Includes Exercise Chart – Reasonable Price.

Pricing: Mid-Range/Affordable.





JTX Compact Review – Number 3

JTX CompactThis is a sturdy multi gym which can give you a good strength workout without taking up too much space. Read on for full details.

* The JTX Multi Gym offers a full body work out and includes a chest press function, adjustable arm curlers, short and long bars and more.

* This multi gym includes a 68 kg weight stack with adjustable 4.5kg steps.

* The JTX Multi Gym comes with high and low pulley systems so you have more choice over the workout. It also comes with clip on chains which allow you to adjust the length, strong cables for longevity and an exercise chart to help you get started.JTX Compact

* This multi gym offers a full body strength workout but it comes in a compact design which is suitable for smaller homes. The JTX Multi Gym also has a strong steel frame which has built to last.

* The JTX Mult Gym includes a 2 year warranty which covers in home repairs. It also includes a 28 day money back guarantee so if you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it for a full refund.


Features: Fully Body Workout – 69 KG Weight Stack – Compact Design – Strong Frame – 2 Year Warranty.

Pricing: Mid-Range.






All of these multi gyms can give you an excellent workout from the comfort of your own home, but one does stand out from the rest. We are awarding top prize to the Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine because it can be used for tons of different exercises including isolating and compound exercises, it offers a true full-body workout, it has an adjustable bench, it guarantees smooth and even movements, it is extra strong and durable and it has a 3 year warranty on all parts and a 1 year warranty for upholstery.





5 reasons to swap the treadmill for the cross-trainer

You walk into the gym, both machines are free but which should you go for?

Pounding the treadmill is a well-established way of burning the calories with the relentless turning of the belt and excellent motivator to keep going.

Meanwhile, gliding on the cross-trainer can feel like a fun alternative, giving the arms something to grab on to.

But which is best for a workout?

Healthista’s Anna Magee gives her verdict on why we should be switching to an elliptical or cross-trainer.

Cross-trainers burn as many calories as a treadmill but are easier on the joints, research has found

Cross-trainers burn as many calories as a treadmill but are easier on the joints, research has found


It’s tempting to imagine that because running on the treadmill feels harder than other cardio machines, it probably is.

But cross-trainers are the steady achievers of the cardiovascular exercise machine world.

One study at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse pitched other cardio machines against elliptical training, comparing exercising on the NordicTrack Elliptical machine to working out on a treadmill, stepper and stationary bike.

For the study, 16 volunteers between 27 and 54 worked out for 20 minutes at an intensity they chose and researchers measured their oxygen consumption (calories burned), heart rate and levels of perceived exertion.

It found that not only were heart rate and oxygen consumption values virtually identical for running on the treadmill as for the elliptical trainer but the impact on the body for the elliptical was more like walking.

Plus, it is easier.

That means you get the burn from running but the injury potential and general feel of walking. That is what we call a result.


Whichever way you do it, jogging is a high impact sport.

As a result, it can cause problems for joints because the body becomes airborne and has to land at a force that is equal to 24 times your body weight – we know, intense right? – and all that weight has to be absorbed by your joints.

Jogging is a high impact sport and as such,  it is more likely to cause injuries to ankle, hip or back

Jogging is a high impact sport and as such,  it is more likely to cause injuries to ankle, hip or back

Ouch. The force is initially picked up by the foot but then it’s transferred to the ankle, knee, hip or back.

No wonder running injuries are ubiquitous.

For anyone with knee or ankle issues using the elliptical trainer that means you don’t have to sacrifice calorie burn because of your injuries, as the study above shows.


The elliptical trainer kind of looks easy so most of us assume it’s not very effective.

But science proves otherwise.

A fascinating study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness investigated improvements to metabolism and cardiovascular fitness in a 12 week period, comparing elliptical trainers to treadmills and stair-climbers.

The metabolism and cardiovascular benefits of the treadmill, stepper and cross-trainer have a been found to be virtually the same in studies

The metabolism and cardiovascular benefits of the treadmill, stepper and cross-trainer have a been found to be virtually the same in studies

In it, 22 moderately active women were assigned to run on a treadmill, use the elliptical or climb the stepper for 40 minutes, three times a week.

After 12 weeks researchers measured their metabolism and cardiovascular fitness and while all improved, the benefits were virtually the same from all three machines.

To get a killer workout in a short time, do High Intensity Interval Training of HIIT on the elliptical.

Choose a stride length and speed that really, really challenges you and do it for 45 seconds, then slow right down to a cushy speed for 45 seconds and repeat that continuously for 10-15 minutes.

Studies have shown that HIIT training is as effective and in some cases even more effective for fat burning than long bouts of slow, sustained exercise (which most of us haven’t got the time for).


One study conducted in 2012 and published in the compared the muscles used in walking to those used during a workout on a cross-trainer.

The walking produced plenty of what experts call ‘frontal motion’; that’s arms side to side, feet moving forward and back.

Cross-trainers are good at exercising the lower back and gluteal muscles (in the bottom) experts say

Cross-trainers are good at exercising the lower back and gluteal muscles (in the bottom) experts say

But the cross-trainer exercise worked the lower back or lumber spine more with twisting and rotating motions.

This helps strengthen the essential muscles around the core area that need to be strong to help avoid back pain.

Plus, the same study found activation of the gluteal muscles (that’s booty to you and me) were consistently higher on the elliptical trainer than they were in the walkers.

This article first appeared and is republished here with the permission of Healthista.

Source here.

Best Tennis Racket – Reviews In 2019 – 2020

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Best Tennis Rackets

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional tennis player, the type of tennis racket you choose is very important. If you want to be able to play with the confidence that you know exactly where the ball is going, then these are designed to do this. This list has the top three tennis rackets on the market at the moment.


BABOLAT AeroPro Drive Tennis Racket Review – Our Number 1

BABOLAT AeroPro DriveThis racket features a very nice design and uses the latest technology to produce a very precise result. It is now the fifth generation of the AreoPro and it has continued to build on its excellent initial design. Here are some of this product’s other features (VIEW PRICE HERE!).

  • The racket has been designed to offer improved power and topspin which is this products signature feature.
  • It features the Woofer System which helps the frame and strings to have more contact with the ball. This will give you better power and harder hitting.
  • Cortex active technology has three different types of dampener. This means the player can choose how much vibration comes through the racquet.
  • The frame has a mixture of carbon and tungsten fibres inside to give the racket a stronger feel and better performance.

This newly designed racket from the creators of a long line of great tennis equipment. Some of the latest technological advances have been used to create a great product.





Head Ti.S6 Titanium Tennis Racket Review – Number 2

Head Ti S6 TitaniumThis quality racket from one of the top sports manufacturers, Head, is designed to be both strong and light. They have created a great balance between the two and it will be a very good product for any player. Here are the other features of this racket.

  • The head size of the racket measures 115sq inches. This is the perfect size for and adult player or an advanced junior.
  • With an unstrung frame weight of just 225g. This makes it one of the lightest rackets in the world. That means less stress on the wrist and hand.
  • It has a grip size of L3 – 4 3/8 inches. This is the best size to get the most power and precision from the product.
  • The 100% titanium and carbon construction gives the racket both strength and lightness. It is engineered to the highest standard to give you the best performance.

The Head Ti.S6 is a very light and strong racket that has a lot of great features. It will be a big part of any player’s game and give them the confidence they need.





Head Radical 27 Tennis Racket Review – Number 3

Head Radical 27The Head Radical 27 Tennis Racket is a beautifully designed product that has great design at its heart. It has a comfortable grip and a light weight frame which will give the player more power and topspin. Let us have a look at the other features.

  • This racket is ideal for a person beginning tennis, or a junior player who wants a good first racket.
  • The racket is made from an aluminium composite that maintains durability while keeping the weight down.
  • There is also a racket cover included to protect the head from damage during transit. This is vital to keep it in the best condition.
  • The colour is very similar to the one used by Andy Murray and it is very popular with junior players.

The Head Radical 27 is a nice all round racket for the beginner. With its composite frame and sleek design, it will be a winner for anyone.






The top spot goes to the BABOLAT AeroPro racket. It uses leading design technology to give the best possible results.