HX Phantom Hoverboard Review 2019 – 2020

Having reviewed many hoverboards, I was looking forward to receiving the new board from HX.

The packaging, right away, gives you the vibe that this is a premium board.

This is the review for a 10″ board in black.

First Impressions

hx hoverboard reviewAs Ive already stated, the packaging and presentation of the HX board is definitely premium. The box is branded and shows off the product that is inside.

Upon opening the box, there are instructions, power cables and a carry bag! (Bonus for the carry bag – even that seems to be well made and it will hold up!).

The Ride

After being fully charged, it was time for a test drive!

Switching the unit on, you will get an announcement where the board is looking for a bluetooth to pair with. So you can play music from your phone while riding around.hx hoverboard review 1

Having inflatable tyres ensures the ride is extremely smooth. This has proven to be true – for the video, I have only used it inside. Since shooting the video, I have also used it outside on both patio and on the grass and I have to say – it works flawlessly.

I have used models without the inflatable tyres and using those boards, you would inevitably get a rough ride. Also, with the standard boards; they struggle to work on grass (or pretty much any rough terrain). The boards from HX excel at exactly this. They work perfectly on grass, dirt and pretty much any rough terrain. The inflatable tyres and powerful motor ensures you get a smooth ride.

The speakers on the board are of high quality too and even at loud volumes, you will not hear any sound distortion.


Overall, one of the best boards we have tested. In terms of performance, battery and appearance; The HX comes out with full marks on all areas.




Use Code TR-HXPhantom-20 (in the UK) for a £20 saving and code TR-HXPhantom-25 (in the USA) for a $25 saving!!

Best iPhone 7 / 7+ Audio & Charger Adapter – Review 2019 – 2020

How To Listen To Music And Charge Your iPhone 7 or 7+ At The Same Time!


So you’ve just brought your brand new iPhone 7 or 7+ and its great. Its speedy, fluid, powerful and simply awesome.

With features like the haptic touch and stereo sound on the speakers, Apple really have pushed the limits on this phone.

The one feature that brings this beautiful specimen of a phone down is the fact that they do not have an audio jack! This is a real drawback and it has enraged a LOT of people.

The headphone connection is a lightning input. The headphones (earpods) that come with the iPhone, use a lightning connection. This means, of course, you cant listen to music while charging. A real shame!

Sure, Apple being Apple, generously packed a converter which connects your 3.5mm audio jack headphones into the iPhones lightning connector.

Honestly speaking if Apple didn’t do this; they would be extremely unpopular.

So the answer to the question that brought you here, how can you listen to music while charging your iPhone?

With the use of an adapter. The iPhone 7 / 7+ Audio & Charger Dual Lightning Adapter will do exactly that.





Best iPhone 7 / 7+ Audio & Charger Adapter - Review 2016Gadget Five are supplying a high quality adapter which allows you to charge (and sync) your iPhone while listening to music.

The adapter utilises a short (150mm) cable which connects one end to your device and the other end, you simply insert your headphones on the headphone side and your power/charger cable on the power port.

These are currently on sale at Gadget Five so get yours now!


Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Reviews

For those who take PC gaming very seriously, having the right equipment is as important as playing the game itself. Modern PC keyboards and mice that are designed for gaming offer a host of features to help gamers play faster and respond quicker. This list features the top three gaming keyboard and mouse combinations on the market today.

HAVIT HV-KB558CM LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Reviews – Our Number 1

HAVIT HV-KB558CM LEDThis angular looking keyboard and mouse looks stunning and offers a host of customisable features to get the gamer really excited. Let us take a look at some of those features (VIEW PRICE HERE!).

  • It has special keys that can be used as shortcuts for particular moves or actions. This makes it easier for gamers to play.
  • The keyboard also has the standard shortcut keys for email, homepage, and Function keys. This means you can still use it for everyday applications.
  • There are several LED backlight options that illuminate the keyboard and mouse. You can have low or high brightness as well as a breathing mode.
  • The DPI of the mouse can be adjusted for resolutions of up to 2400DPI. This means it can work easily at any resolution.

The keyboard and mouse pack by HAVIT is well designed and looks great. It will enable gamers to get the best and fasted possible experience from their game.





MFTEK USB Wired LED Keyboard & Mouse Reviews – Number 2

MFTEK USB Wired LED 3 ColorThis keyboard and mouse features a nice cracked design that makes it look the part. It has a lot of adjustable settings so you can get the perfect look and customisation you want. Here are some of its features.

  • Both the keyboard and mouse are well-made. The keyboard has a key life of up to 1000000 presses.
  • The LED backlight can be adjusted for brightness as well as a breathing mode. This gives you a more interactive experience.
  • The mouse has a fully adjustable DPI setting from 600 to 2400. It also has an anti-slide sticker and a frosted surface for comfort.
  • The keyboard can accept 19 simultaneous key presses at once without any conflict. This means you can operate lots of combinations.

With its great design, backlight and customisation, this product pack would be perfect for any gamer. You won’t need to worry about hitting that perfect combo again.





Aula Bundles Blue LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Reviews – Number 3

Aula Bundles Blue LED Keyboard MouseThe Aula is another angular design that has a high level of customisation and also looks amazing. It is well-made to cope with the rigours of PC gaming while still providing everyday functionality. Take a look at its other features.

  • The mode can be changed from normal mode to multi-media mode easily. This means you can use it for many different purposes.
  • It is designed so that the gamer can play for extended periods of time without getting tired. This is one of the main benefits from using such a product.
  • The mouse has an adjustable DPI from 800 to 2000DPI. This gives you a more sensitive response time.
  • The mouse is ergonomically designed to be comfortable in the hand. You will be able to make quick movements with no hassle.

The Aula LED keyboard and mouse is just what the enthusiastic gamer needs. It can provide many hours of play without leading to over fatigue. Overall, a great product that will do a good job.






The top spot on the list goes to the HAVIT HV-KB558CM. It has a striking design and lots of customisation that is perfect for the gamer. It will give you many hours of reliable use and enable you to get that all important winning score.