Best Tennis Racket – Reviews In 2017 – 2018 UK

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Babolat Woofer System, Top Spin, Power, Performance, Cortex active technology High-End Learn More Here!

Head Ti S6 Extremely light weight and high strength Titanium, Optimum head size of 115sq inches Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Head Radical 27 Aluminium for power and durability Affordable Learn More Here!

Best Tennis Rackets In 2017 – 2018

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional tennis player, the type of tennis racket you choose is very important. If you want to be able to play with the confidence that you know exactly where the ball is going, then these are designed to do this. This list has the top three tennis rackets on the market at the moment.


BABOLAT AeroPro Drive Tennis Racket Review – Our Number 1

BABOLAT AeroPro DriveThis racket features a very nice design and uses the latest technology to produce a very precise result. It is now the fifth generation of the AreoPro and it has continued to build on its excellent initial design. Here are some of this product’s other features (lowest price).

  • The racket has been designed to offer improved power and topspin which is this products signature feature.
  • It features the Woofer System which helps the frame and strings to have more contact with the ball. This will give you better power and harder hitting.
  • Cortex active technology has three different types of dampener. This means the player can choose how much vibration comes through the racquet.
  • The frame has a mixture of carbon and tungsten fibres inside to give the racket a stronger feel and better performance.

This newly designed racket from the creators of a long line of great tennis equipment. Some of the latest technological advances have been used to create a great product.

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Head Ti.S6 Titanium Tennis Racket Review – Number 2

Head Ti S6 TitaniumThis quality racket from one of the top sports manufacturers, Head, is designed to be both strong and light. They have created a great balance between the two and it will be a very good product for any player. Here are the other features of this racket.

  • The head size of the racket measures 115sq inches. This is the perfect size for and adult player or an advanced junior.
  • With an unstrung frame weight of just 225g. This makes it one of the lightest rackets in the world. That means less stress on the wrist and hand.
  • It has a grip size of L3 – 4 3/8 inches. This is the best size to get the most power and precision from the product.
  • The 100% titanium and carbon construction gives the racket both strength and lightness. It is engineered to the highest standard to give you the best performance.

The Head Ti.S6 is a very light and strong racket that has a lot of great features. It will be a big part of any player’s game and give them the confidence they need.

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Head Radical 27 Tennis Racket Review – Number 3

Head Radical 27The Head Radical 27 Tennis Racket is a beautifully designed product that has great design at its heart. It has a comfortable grip and a light weight frame which will give the player more power and topspin. Let us have a look at the other features.

  • This racket is ideal for a person beginning tennis, or a junior player who wants a good first racket.
  • The racket is made from an aluminium composite that maintains durability while keeping the weight down.
  • There is also a racket cover included to protect the head from damage during transit. This is vital to keep it in the best condition.
  • The colour is very similar to the one used by Andy Murray and it is very popular with junior players.

The Head Radical 27 is a nice all round racket for the beginner. With its composite frame and sleek design, it will be a winner for anyone.

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The top spot goes to the BABOLAT AeroPro racket. It uses leading design technology to give the best possible results.

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