Best Tasting Protein Bars In The UK? See The Top 3 Here! 2017 – 2018

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Dynabar Very Tasty! Protein:20g – S.Fats:5.9g – Carbs:25g Mid-range Learn More Here!

Grenade Tasty! Protein:23g – S.Fats:4.2g – Carbs:13.5g Mid-range Learn More Here!

Bulk Powders Not Nice! Protein:27g – S.Fats:4.5g – Carbs:25g Mid-range Learn More Here!

Protein Bars That Taste Good UK 2017 – 2018

Protein bars are certainly the trend right now.

They can be great to snack on during the day and will keep the hunger pangs at bay.

I usually have a box of protein bars in my desk at work because that 3pm sudden case of the munchies always sets me off towards the biscuit tin and lets face it, that’s where we definitely do not want to be.

A good protein bar will keep your stomach filled, that craving satisfied and will give you some very good nutritional benefits by increasing your protein intake for the day.

Typically protein bars have been very cardboard-like and extremely chewy. So chewy to the point where it actually hurts your jaw!

I am pleased to say that the bars I am reviewing here are definitely not so chewy and actually taste very nice!


Dynabar Review – Our Number 1

DynaBarI actually got one of these initially as a sample to try. The first time I tried it, I instantly fell in love with it.

The Dynabar is truly an amazing tasting protein bar!

Imagine a Lion bar, now imagine a protein bar to taste like 5 times better (in my opinion). This is it!

With a huge 20g of protein per bar, The Dynabar also packs a mighty punch and certainly counts towards your pDynaBar reviewrotein intake for the day. Having said that, the saturated fat levels as well as carbohydrates are higher than I would like them to be; saturated fats at 5.9g and carbs at 25g. Despite this, I would still recommend these any day of the week as they are my “treat” for the day.

The bar itself is a vanilla nougat covered with a thin layer of caramel topped off with a layer of crisp and milk chocolate. It is very slightly chewier than a Lion Bar, but it most definitely tastes a whole lot better!

I have tasted MANY protein bars to prepare for this article, and none come even close to The Dynabar. As they are quite pricey, I usually look out for special offers on their site (click here for the lowest price).

Protip: I usually keep my bars a little chilled. So a few hours before I eat it, I keep it in a fridge. For me, it just tastes amazing chilled.

Buy The Dynabar Here!


Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bar Review – Number 2

carb killaThe Carb Killa from Grenade is a known bar in the industry.

I got to test a sample of their Cookies & Cream.

The reviews that are left on Amazon are very favourable, so far, no negative reviews seen!

So what did I think of them? I thought it was actually pretty amazing!

The are a little chewy, not too much. They actually do taste like Cookies & Cream with a little “toughness” to them which I would expect as it is protein!

The protein content per bar is 23g, the saturated fats is 4.2g and carbs come in at 13.5g.

Nutrionaly they are great, very good macros indeed. Taste good too. See the best price on Amazon here.

Buy The Grenade Carb Killa From Amazon Here!


Bulk Powders Protein Bar Review – Our Number 3

bulkpowdersThe High Protein Bar from Bulk Powders had been given a good write-up on their site, the reviewers who tried it couldn’t stop singing its praise (bearing in mind the source of that information!). Anyway, I thought I would give it a try myself to see if it lived up to the hype! So I ordered a sample of their Chocolate Orange.

Well, I cant say it tasted bad at all. In fact, it was actually quite sweet. A little chewy, not too much. The after taste this left, however, was not pleasant. Its an odd tasting lingering sensation that was left in my mouth after eating it. I was not pleased.

The protein content in the bar is very good at 27g, it kept the saturated fats low at 4.5g and carbs at 25g.

Overall, you do get more protein in the bar with Bulk Powders, but in my opinion, that after taste was definitely a deal killer!

Give them a try yourself..

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Overall, my vote definitely goes to Dynabar. A close second is the Grenade Carb Killa as it is healthier.

My view is, if you are looking for a protein bar, you are looking for a bit of a treat anyway and in which case The Dynabar is definitely the clear winner! It tastes AMAZING and has a good amount of protein to boost! Buy The Dynabar here.


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