Best Portable Generators – Reviews – 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Hyundai 2kW output – Lightweight – Compact – Easy to use – Pure sine wave technology – Eco mode High-End Learn More Here!
Wolf Power 15 litre capacity –Easy to transport – Lower noise – Multiple sockets Mid-Range Learn More Here!
Atima Air-cooled engine – Ergonomically designed – 2.6 litre capacity – 6.5 hour runtime High-End Learn More Here!

Top 3 Portable Generators

Portable Generators are handy for both domestic and commercial purposes, but you will often find them in the back of work vans so tradesmen have the necessary power to use specific tools and equipment without there being any power on site. Portable generators can range in price and they can also take both petrol and diesel to operate depending on the power and their intended use. Portable generators are handy to have around but they can be costly investments, especially if they are needed for commercial use when they need sufficient power to operate.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial user of portable generators, always make sure you invest a good amount of money in a better quality one instead of going for the cheapest option, otherwise you may learn to regret it sooner or later. If you are currently on the lookout for a new portable generator but you haven’t got a clue where to start your search, have a look at the few options below which are currently popular among domestic and commercial users.


Hyundai HY2000Si Portable Review – Our Number 1

Hyundai As stated above, portable generators can be powered by both petrol and diesel, and this one is powered by petrol to give it the power needed to complete commercial jobs. This product is very expensive and isn’t well-suited for domestic environments, but if you need one for work purposes this product will suit your needs down to the ground. Of course, there is nothing wrong in purchasing this product if you have a caravan and you need a powerful generator to keep your holiday going throughout the week. This generator is able to last for up to 8 hours when full which gives you plenty of time before it needs refilling. Have a look at some of the features this product provides:

  • Lightweight & compact – Even though this product can still be heavy to carry it is actually one of the lightest generators on the market which means transportation is going to be much easier.Hyundai
  • Eco mode – This product comes with an eco-mode feature that can be set by simply pressing a button. It will lower the revs needed to operate and that will in turn save more petrol during operation.
  • Pure sine wave technology – This product was designed to be as safe to use with electronic products as possible. This means that even though it takes petrol to operate, it is still perfectly safe to use with laptops, chargers, and many other electronic products.
  • 2kW Output – If you are looking for a powerful generator you’ll need not look any further than this Hyundai product. This product can produce 2kW of power and still be clean and safe thanks to the pure sine wave technology it is built around.

The Hyundai (learn more here!) brand is well-known for its variety of products when it comes to petrol and diesel so you can be sure this expensive product is going to last a long time. You should consider this generator for work purposes, but it’s also perfect to take in the caravan to give you the power needed to enjoy your holiday.


Features: 2kW output – Lightweight – Compact – Easy to use – Pure sine wave technology – Eco mode

Pricing: High-End



Wolf Power Petrol Portable Review – Number 2

WolfThe Wolf Power Petrol Portable Generator is a very good alternative if you want something that is a lot more affordable than the above Hyundai. It doesn’t posses the same features but it is a great alternative in the sense it lasts longer thanks to a 15 litre petrol capacity, and of course the fact it is much more affordable. Have a look at some of the other handy features this portable generator offers its users:

  • 15 litre capacity – This portable generator is able to last for around 10 hours thanks to its 15 litre petrol capacity. This means that you will not have to often fill it up if you only use it for an hour or so a day and it makes this generator perfect for camping holidays.
  • 4-stroke petrol engine – This portable generator has a 4-stroke petrol engine which has the power needed to power multiple electronics for several hours with ease.
  • Multiple sockets – If you are looking for a portable generator that can cater for both your 115V and 230V sockets then you should consider this generator as it has 4 different sockets for you to take advantage of.
  • Wheels – This generator is very easy to transport unlike others on the market as it has two big wheels it sits on so it can easily be moved from different areas around site. It also comes with a long handle so pulling and pushing the generator is easily done.
  • Lower noise – This generator was also designed to be a lot less noisy than other generators on the market and is 69 dB(A) at 7m, making it one of the quietest generators on the market. This means this generator is perfect for campsites as it’s not going to irritate close neighbours.

All in all this product will do everything from powering a powerful pressure washer to charging up mobile phones. For the price you pay for this product you will quickly find there aren’t many better portable generators out there, especially not any that has all of the above and also has a 10 hour last thanks to its 15 litre petrol capacity. You should consider this product for any job, whether that’s for work purposes, domestic use, or even to use on holiday while camping.


Features: 15 litre capacity –Easy to transport – Lower noise – Multiple sockets

Pricing: Mid-Range



Atima Invertor Portable Review – Number 3

AtimaThe Atima Invertor Portable Petrol Generator will make all your dreams come true when it comes to portable power. This product is very expensive but what it lacks in affordability it sure makes up for it in features and powerful operation. This product is perfect for tradesmen who need portable power that is powerful enough to operate some of the most resource-hungry power tools. Have a look at some of the other features this product provides its consumers:

  • Very Lightweight – This product has everything in it but it is still the lightest portable generator in the industry weighing in at only 15kg. This means that the generator is perfect for a variety of jobs and it will make transportation very easy.
  • 6 litre capacity – This product is very compact and can only hold 2.6 litres of petrol at any one time, but as this product is as eco as any of the higher-end products on the market it means it can still last for up to 6.5 hours.Atima
  • Ergonomically designed – Even though carrying the generator won’t happen much, Atima has still made it their priority to ensure transportation is as easy as possible, and they have done that by ergonomically designing the product so it is easy to carry and comfortable to hold for prolonged periods.
  • Air-cooled engine – The engine that powers this generator is fully air-cooled which helps the engine last for longer periods and also ensures it has a longer lifespan.

This Atima product is very high-end and has all the features you need to complete a variety of jobs. It’s ideal for almost anyone but as it has a hefty price tag it means it is much more preferred to commercial users. If you are looking for a good quality portable generator that has all the features you need, you should consider this Atima product.


Features: Air-cooled engine – Ergonomically designed – 2.6 litre capacity – 6.5 hour runtime

Pricing: High-End




TheAtima is very similar to the Hyundai portable generator but it seems to miss one or two features that the Hyundai has. If you wanted a cheap portable generator option you could easily opt for the Wolf Power Portable Generator, but it doesn’t really have the overall power when compared with the other two. It’s worth siding with the Hyundai Portable Petrol Generator in this instance because it has everything the other two generators has in terms of features, but it has much more power for the bigger long-lasting jobs.


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