Best Pasta Machine – Reviews 2017 – 2018 UK

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Kitchen Craft Imperia Heavy duty chrome -plated steel, 3varieties; lasagne, fettuccini &tagliatelle, 6 thicknesses, 5 year guarantee Affordable Learn More Here!

Marcato Atlas 150 10 thicknesses, Easy pull out & twist selector, Patented anodised aluminium rollers Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Andrew James Make lasagne, tagliatelle, linguine, spaghetti &fettuccine, 4 thicknesses, Ravioli cutter, Heavy duty carbon steel Affordable Learn More Here!

Pasta Maker Reviews – Top 3 In 2017 – 2018

There are times when you want that authentic taste of Italy. There is nothing better than making pasta yourself because you can choose what goes into the dough and create your own delicious dishes. Here are the top three pasta makers on the market today.

Kitchen Craft Imperia Italian Double Cutter – Our Number 1

Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta MachineThis pasta maker from Kitchen Craft is a great addition to the kitchen. It has a tough design that will cope with the tickets of dough easily. Here are some of its other features (lowest price).

  • The pasta maker is made from heavy duty chrome plated steel for durability and strength. Ideal to give you years of regular use.
  • It can make three varieties of pasta, lasagne, fettuccini and tagliatelle. A great range of pasta for any occasion.
  • The adjustment dial lets you select from six levels of thickness. This means you can get just the type you need.
  • The detachable handle and table clamp makes it easy to store away when not in use.

The pasta maker from Kitchen Craft is a versatile product that is made with good quality. It will be able to make great pasta and give you that authentic Italian taste.

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Marcato Atlas Light Alloy 150 Pasta Maker – Number 2

Marcato Atlas Light Alloy 150 Pasta MakerThis is an elegant looking pasta maker from Marcato. It has a number of settings and attachments that makes it a great item to have available in the kitchen. Let us look at some of the other features.

  • The easy turning action of the handle is smooth and sleek. It makes using the machine a breeze.
  • An easy pull out and twist selector means that changing the thickness selector is simple. This means you won’t have to struggle to change settings while you are making the pasta.
  • With 10 thickness settings, you can accurately choose the type of pasta you want. Perfect for getting the results just right.
  • The patented anodised aluminium rollers are designed to prevent sticking. This is important so that you get the best results.

The Marcanto Atlas is a great pasta maker that has a lot of flexibility. It has a number of attachments that are designed to fit easily to the main unit. A well-deserved second place for this product.

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Andrew James Pasta Maker – Number 3

Andrew James Pasta MakerThis pasta maker is both elegant and versatile which is just what you would need for a utensil like this. It can make many types of pasta easily and gives you great results from such a compact product. Here are some of its features.

  • It has the capacity to make lasagne, tagliatelle, linguine, spaghetti and fettuccine. This means you can make exactly what you need when you need it.
  • There are two double cutters included which produce four sizes of pasta. You can have 1mm, 1.5mm, 3mm and 6.6mm.
  • You get a ravioli cutter as well as the other attachments. This means you can enjoy lovely filled pasta.
  • The rollers are adjustable so you can vary the thickness of the pasta. You can really make it as you want it to be.

The versatile Andrew James Red Fresh Pasta Maker will be a great kitchen appliance for your home. You can enjoy tasty, freshly made pasta whenever you want with the ingredients that you choose.
Perfect for those on special diets where you can’t find alternatives easily in other ways.

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The top spot on the list goes to the Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine. It has some great features and variable selections to make it a perfect tool for your kitchen to make authentic pasta.

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