Best Outdoor Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutches – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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FeelGoodUKFeatures – 2 Access doors – Pull out tray for easy cleaning – ramp included – elevated hutch - felted roof.Mid Range Learn More Here!
FeelGoodUKFeatures – Ramp into lower run area – 4 Access doors – 2 Cleaning trays – Felted roof – Treated wood – Rain cover included.Mid Range Learn More Here!
Rabbit HutchFeatures – Double tier hutch – Ramp to run area included – Upper level can be shut at night – 3 Access doors – 1 pull out tray – Lift up roof.Affordable Learn More Here!

Top 3 Outdoor Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutches

If you have young children the question, and then begging, for a pet will undoubtedly come up at some point. A dog is the usual go to but that means a huge commitment that children aren’t able to handle and a burden not all parents are willing to take on. However, there are alternatives that do not require as much commitment and the care routines can be carried out with your children to teach them how to be responsible for another life.

Rabbits and Guinea pigs can offer a just that level of comprise, they are still super cute and adorable but unlike dogs you don’t need to walk them every day.  They will need to be properly cleaned out at least once a week but this is a task that doesn’t take much more than 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Rabbits have been a domestic pet since the Middle ages when they were used for their fur, wool, meat and as pets. A male rabbit is called a buck and the female is a doe and young rabbits are known as either bunnies or kits.

There are numerous breeds such as the British Giant which has a good temperament and is a fairly laid back creature, the English Angora rabbits are very sociable and both the dwarf and English lops are very friendly and good with younger children. Some breeds can be more timid and will get scared more easily than others and these really shouldn’t be given to younger children. So, make sure you research the breed fully before making a purchase to make sure that it is suitable for your home, and that you are suitable for it.

Guinea pigs were originally domesticated by the Inca’s around 3000 years ago, the species then was cavia porcellus more commonly known as cavies. They were kept for both food and as pets, the tye of guinea pigs you see today are not found anywhere in the wild. They are a hybrid that has been created by selected mating and the closest wild variation is the cavia tschudii.

There are lots of different domestic breeds of Guinea pigs such as the Abyssinian which has swirls of fur that make it look fluffy, the silkie has short fur on its face but longer everywhere else and the teddy has fuzzy fur similar to a teddy bear. Of course, if your buying one for a younger child opt for a short haired variety as the long ones will need daily combing to make sure the fur doesn’t become matted. Even though these animals can be a little timid at first, they are very friendly and sociable and enjoying being petted and spending time with people.

Unlike dogs, and cats, they will need a hutch and run and with so many on the market this can be a minefield all in itself. So here are three excellent options for you to consider.

FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch Review –  Our Number 1

Double Decker With Run Rabbit Hutch...Feel Good UK specialises in outdoor animals runs and hutches. They have a wide range of products from chicken coops and runs to galvanised pet cages and of course rabbit hutches and runs. They have 7 different types of hutches with extensions available to allow your furry friend more space to explore. They also sell weatherproof covers for all of their hutch designs. Now on to the features of this particular hutch.

  • The wood on this hitch has been treated with anti-fungal stain that is both animal and environmentally friendly.
  • This hutch has the main sleeping area elevated from the ground and comes with a ramp to allow your pets easy access to the run area below.
  • The top floor can be hut of at night keeping your animals safe.
  • It has two access doors one on the run and one directly into the hutch.
  • There is a convenient tray that can be pulled out to make cleaning inside the hutch that much easier.
  • It has a felted roof that has curved edges that makes it easier for the water to run off.
  • The lower run area has no base and this gives your pet access to the natural environment which is vital for their health and wellbeing.

The Feel Good UK bunny ark hutch and run (learn more here!) is a fabulous layout that offers the perfect space for your furry friends to sleep as well as access to grass via the run that is beneath and next to the hutch and with the option of run extensions this can really be made into a wonderful space for your pets.

Features – 2 Access doors – Pull out tray for easy cleaning – ramp included – elevated hutch  – felted roof.

Pricing – Mid Range



FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch Review – Number 2

This is another option from Feel Good UK and this option comes with a rain cover, however it is smaller than the first so would be more suited to dwarf rabbits and Guinea pigs. The features of this hutch are as follows:

  • This hutch has the following dimensions – 120cm wide, 50cm deep and 104cm high.
  • The hutch is located on top of the run with a ramp connecting the two.
  • The top floor can be shut off at night.
  • It has four access doors which makes getting into the hutch that much simpler.
  • It has a felted roof with curved edges to help rain flow of it.
  • There are also two pull out trays to help make cleaning up easier.

This hutch is perfect for smaller pets and the added bonus of the rain cover means you can keep the hutch and your pets dry in wet weather.,

Features – Ramp into lower run area – 4 Access doors – 2 Cleaning trays – Felted roof – Treated wood – Rain cover included.

Pricing – Mid Range



Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig House Review – Number 3

This is another hutch and run from Feel Good UK and is the cheapest of the three we are reviewing today. Again, it size would suit small animals such as Guinea pigs. So, let us take a look at the features this one has to offer.

  • Double tier hutch design, the hutch is above the run area with a ramp connecting the two.
  • The run goes directly onto the grass giving the animals access to a more natural environment.
  • The top floor can be closed off at night.
  • It has a lift up roof for easy access.
  • It has 3 access doors and a pull-out tray for easy cleaning.

This is a superb hutch for small animals but care should be taken if you intend to house rabbits in this as they do require more space to run around. This means a separate run will be required to provide them with the exercise that they need on a daily basis.

Features – Double tier hutch – Ramp to run area included – Upper level can be shut at night – 3 Access doors – 1 pull out tray – Lift up roof.

Pricing – Affordable




Each one of these hutches are a great buy but by far the best of the bunch is the Feel Good UK Rabbit Hutch, 150 x 66 x 100 cm, which was the first on the list. The simple reasoning behind this is because it offers more space in the run area and therefore is better for the overall wellbeing of the animals as they have more space to explore and run around in.



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