Best Night Light – Reviews In 2017 – 2018

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Top 3 Night Lights – UK 2017 – 2018

If you have children or you live in an area with little outside light in the evenings, you may find that a night light can be very useful. It can help to keep you safe if you want to use the bathroom in the night. This list has the top three night lights on the market at the moment.

LEPOWER Multifunctional Intelligent Portable LED Home Lamp Review – Our Number 1

LEPOWER Multifunctional Intelligent Portable LED Home LampThe LEPOWER night light is a really nice product. It can do much more than just act as a night light. It has other features that will make it an essential piece of kit when you are out or at home. Let us see those other features (lowest price).

  • It has a spherical design that helps the light shine from the whole 360 degrees. Important if you need a general light source.
  • The light is made from a shockproof PC material that won’t break if dropped less than 1.5 meters. This is good if you are outdoors or camping.
  • The 2200mAh capacity battery has a long standby life. It can run for 5 hours on the brightest setting, or 100 hours on dimmed.
  • It has smart touch dimming control that records the adjusted brightness each time you turn the light on or off.

Overall, the LEPOWER Portable Light is an intelligent product that will help illuminate any situation. It is both bright and powerful, yet conserves energy effectively.

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Moonlight Energy Saving Nightlight Review – Number 2

Moonlight energy-saving nightlightThis small and very compact night light is just what you need when a small light source is needed. It is perfect for the bedroom or hallway when you may need to get around in the dark. Here are some of its other features.

  • It has an electro-luminescent panel that contains no bulb. This means the panel is cool to touch and emits a pale blue or green light.
  • Because it contains no bulb, there is no problem with the light going out suddenly. You can use it as much as you want to.
  • It is designed to run at very low energy. It can run for 365 days, 24 hours a day for just 16p. That makes it very good value.
  • It plugs directly into a UK 3 pin socket. This means that it takes up no room and can be used wherever you have a socket.

This great night light uses the latest technology to create a brilliantly simple yet effective product. It is small but bright enough to shine without causing a problem.

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AVANTEK Night Light Motion Activated Review – Number 3

AVANTEK Night Light MotionThis motion sensor night light is great for only illuminating when you need it. This is ideal for those people who can’t sleep with a light, but need one if they get up in the dark. Here are some of its other features.

  • It has dual sensors, one to turn off when its daylight and the infrared sensor to turn the light on when it detects movement.
  • It has three settings, always on, off or sensor. This is great when you need the light in an emergency.
  • There is no installation required, it sticks the surface using 3M adhesive pads. This means you can mount it quickly and easily.
  • The 10 LED’s emit a strong yet subtle glow that will give a nice light without blinding you. Ideal for children’s bedrooms.

The AVANTEK Night Light is built with quality and durability. It has LED’s that have a life of 80000 hours and no installation needed.

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The top spot goes to the LEPOWER Multifunction Portable Night Light. It has a strong design and a nice bright light. A great multi-purpose light for any situation.

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