Best Multi Purpose Ladder – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Abbey 4.7m Extension – 1.24m Platform – 2.3m Ladder – Safety Stoppers – Collapsible – 20.5kg High-End Learn More Here!
Youngman 3.5m Extension - Collapsible – 11kg - 94 x 35 x 25.5cm High-End Learn More Here!
Wolf 3.37m Extension – 95cm Platform - 11 Modes - Collapsible – 14.5kg Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Multi Purpose Ladder

A ladder has been a useful tool for centuries and, today, they are able to serve a multitude of purposes. Why have an extended ladder, step ladder or platform when one device can meet all of these needs?

This is why multi purpose ladders are so important. But which one do you choose? Let’s look at some of the leading options to find out.

Abbey Aluminium Multi-Purpose Ladder Review – Our Number 1

Abbey Made from lightweight aluminium, this Abbey Aluminium (learn more here!) ladder is easy to use and can provide a number of different modes, all of which provide an impressive final height. Let’s look at its main features:

* Used as an extension ladder, this product can reach as high as 4.7 metres.

* As a safety platform, this equipment can be set-up at 1.24 metres.

* As a normal ladder, it is 2.3 meteres tall.

* This equipment also comes with safety stoppers, helping to keep it in place.

* It is collapsible, down to a size of 1.24 metres, making it easy to bring Abbeyand take from a workspace.

* As far as weight goes, this product only weighs 20.5 kg thanks to the use of lightweight aluminium.

Overall, this product is easy to use and is able to fulfill a variety of needs. It is both practical and efficient which, at this price, makes it an ideal solution for DIY amateurs and experts alike.


Features: 4.7m Extension – 1.24m Platform – 2.3m Ladder – Safety Stoppers – Collapsible – 20.5kg

Pricing: High-End



Youngman Multi-Purpose Ladder Review – Number 2

YoungmanIf you’re looking for a product that is easy to transport and set-up, yet still offers you the reach that you need, this offering from Youngman might be right for you. Let’s see what it is able to offer:

* When fully extended, this ladder can reach 3.5 metres, which is more than enough in most situations.

* Thanks to its hinge design, this ladder can be set-up in numerous ways, letting you get a platform or step were you need it.

* Likewise, this also makes it rather collapsible.Youngman

* At 11 kg, it’s also very light and easy to take around with you.

* When collapsed, it’s size is just 94 x 35 x 25.5 cm.

While its small and lightweight design may make it seem unassuming, don’t be fooled so easily. This ladder is able to do a lot and, thanks to the use of hinges, it is both easy and quick to set up and pack up.


Features: 3.5m Extension – Collapsible – 11kg – 94 x 35 x 25.5cm

Pricing: High-End



Wolf 11 in 1 Multi Purpose Folding Review – Number 3

WolfAs the name suggests, this ladder offers 11 different modes, which certanily fits the criteria for a multi-purpose ladder! This is thanks to its fantastic design and its array of features, including:

* When fully extended, the ladder can reach 3.37m, which is enough for most tasks.

* As a platform, it reaches 95 cm from the ground, giving you plenty of clearance.

* If this wasn’t enough, there are 9 more different modes available, including a workbench, for a total of 11 ways to set this product up.

* Thanks to its numerous hinges, this device is very collapsible and can be easily transported once in a smaller size.Wolf

* Furthermore, it only weights 14.5 kg thanks to its intelligent design and lightweight materials.

If you need something that is truly versatile, you will struggle to find a product as affordable and as useful as this one.


Features: 3.37m Extension – 95cm Platform – 11 Modes – Collapsible – 14.5kg

Pricing: Mid-Range




As you can tell, it is not hard to find a multi-purpose ladder these days. That being said, some are always going to be naturally better than the rest. If you want the best product for your money, it’s hard to ignore the Abbey Aluminium Multi-Purpose Ladder. It has a sturdy, yet lightweight, design and enough features to meet most DIY needs – what more could you ask for?


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