Best iPhone 7 / 7+ Audio & Charger Adapter – Review 2017 – 2018

How To Listen To Music And Charge Your iPhone 7 or 7+ At The Same Time!


So you’ve just brought your brand new iPhone 7 or 7+ and its great. Its speedy, fluid, powerful and simply awesome.

With features like the haptic touch and stereo sound on the speakers, Apple really have pushed the limits on this phone.

The one feature that brings this beautiful specimen of a phone down is the fact that they do not have an audio jack! This is a real drawback and it has enraged a LOT of people.

The headphone connection is a lightning input. The headphones (earpods) that come with the iPhone, use a lightning connection. This means, of course, you cant listen to music while charging. A real shame!

Sure, Apple being Apple, generously packed a converter which connects your 3.5mm audio jack headphones into the iPhones lightning connector.

Honestly speaking if Apple didn’t do this; they would be extremely unpopular.

So the answer to the question that brought you here, how can you listen to music while charging your iPhone?

With the use of an adapter. The iPhone 7 / 7+ Audio & Charger Dual Lightning Adapter will do exactly that.

You can get one here!

Best iPhone 7 / 7+ Audio & Charger Adapter - Review 2016Gadget Five are supplying a high quality adapter which allows you to charge (and sync) your iPhone while listening to music.

The adapter utilises a short (150mm) cable which connects one end to your device and the other end, you simply insert your headphones on the headphone side and your power/charger cable on the power port.

These are currently on sale at Gadget Five so get yours now!


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