Best Indoor Grills – Reviews 2017 – 2018

ProductNameFeaturesPrice PointRatingVisit
FasteeNon-Stick – Variable Temperature – Detachable Grill Pan – BBQ Accessories – 3.8kg - 58 x 33.2 x 15cmHigh-End Learn More Here!
SeverinVariable Temperature - 2 Heigh Adjustments – Safety Switch – Detachable Heating Element – 3.7kg - 50.8 x 12.4 x 39.8cmMid-Range Learn More Here!
GeorgeNon-Stick - Grill & Griddle – Drip Tray & Channels – Dual Temperature Controls – Panini Press/Sandwich Toaster – 3.7kg - 57.5 x 33.5 x 13cmMid-Range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Indoor Grill

Everyone loves to grill, but not everyone has the outdoor space required for a traditional barbecue. If you’re looking to prepare hot, tasty food indoors, then you need an indoor grill that is up to the challenge.

Fortunately, manufacturer’s are designing some great appliances right now. Not sure which solution is right for you? Let’s look at 3 leading products available today.

Fastee Indoor BBQ Grill Review – Our Number 1

Fastee 1This grill from Fastee (learn more here!) is easy to use, but comes with a wide range of uses. This is all thanks to the numerous practical features incorporated into its design, including:

* This is a non-stick grill, ensuring you can always place and lift food without leaving a sticky mess behind.

* The variable temperature is easy to use and ensures you always cook at the right heat for your meal.

* Similarly, the grill pan detaches, which helps when it comes to both serving food and cleaning the appliance.

* This kit also comes with 8 BBQ accessories. These various tools, including scissors and brushes, help you prepare meat and vegetables. In short: you have everything you need to start grilling!Fastee 1

* Likewise, at 3.8 kg, this is still a very lightweight product, which makes it easy to move around and carry with you.

* With a rough size of 58 x 33.2 x 15 cm, this design is also small and simple, while still providing plenty of grilling space.

As you can see, this is a product that looks simple, yet offers plenty of in-depth cooking experiences. If you enjoy the occasional BBQ, or just like to grill things from time to time, this is the only piece of equipment you need!


Features: Non-Stick – Variable Temperature – Detachable Grill Pan – BBQ Accessories – 3.8kg – 58 x 33.2 x 15cm

Pricing: High-End



Severin Electric Barbecue Grill Review – Number 2

SeverinIf you’re looking for something on a cheaper budget, yet still want a device that’s ready to handle a challenge, Severin’s electric barbecue grill can certainly meet your requirements. Let’s look at some of its more unique features:

* This device is a simple grill that’s easy to use, but nonetheless still has a variable temperature, so cooking enthusiasts can always find the right heat.

* Similarly, the grill pan itself also has 2 height adjustments, so you can also cook at a height that suits your preferences – perfect for when you either do, or do not, want heavily charred or flame-licked food!

* Likewise, the safety switch is a very practical and welcome feature. If the grill is removed, the appliance automatically turns off.

* Speaking of practical features, the heating element can be detached and removed, which helps with cleaning the equipment.

* At 3.7 kg, this a very light product that’s easy to take with you.

* With a size of 50.8 x 12.4 x 39.8 cm, you also won’t struggle to find table space for this grill.

This product has a simple design that becomes instantly familiar and easy to use. The grill behaves much like a traditional grill, while its slim and lightweight design makes it a great transportable option at the same time.


Features: Variable Temperature – 2 Heigh Adjustments – Safety Switch – Detachable Heating Element – 3.7kg – 50.8 x 12.4 x 39.8cm

Pricing: Mid-Range



George Foreman Ten Portion Review – Number 3

GeorgeWhen it comes to grilling, few names are as recognised as George Foreman, so it’s no surprise to know that their own electric grill is a well designed kit. Let’s look at what makes the Ten Portion Grill and Griddle so special.

* As a non-stick product, you can use this appliance with ease, without having to worry about food becoming difficult to remove or lift.

* This device features both a grill and griddle, allowing you to choose how you cook your food.

* The grill also includes also includes channels leading to a drip tray, helping to effortlessly remove fat and oils from your meals.

* Similarly, both the grill and the griddle have independent temperature controls, allowing you to cook with each at the right, desired heat range.George

* If that wasn’t enough, the lid on the grill section enables this device to operate as a sandwich toaster or panini press.

* At 3.7 kg, this is a very light product when you consider everything it is capable of.

* The same also goes for its size – at around 57.5 x 33.5 x 13 cm, this device doesn’t take up any more space than it needs to.

If you cook for a lot of people, or simply like to cook a variety of foods on the go, the George Foreman grill really stands out from the crowd. Aside from this, it has a lightweight, easy design and all the practical features you would expect from such a luxury brand.


Features: Non-Stick – Grill & Griddle – Drip Tray & Channels – Dual Temperature Controls – Panini Press/Sandwich Toaster – 3.7kg – 57.5 x 33.5 x 13cm

Pricing: Mid-Range




As you can see, there are plenty of options out there for anyone looking to purchase an electric grill, but which one is the best? While all of these products are great, the Fastee Indoor BBQ Grill certainly offers the best value for money. It cooks to a wide range of temperatures, can handle plenty of food and is easy to clean and use – what more could you need?


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