Best Hot Air Brushes – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
AsaVea 11 Temperature Settings – LCD Display - 2 Colours - 690g Mid-Range Learn More Here!
Babyliss 42cm – 2 Heat Settings – Cool Setting – 2 Rotation Speeds – 800g 11 Temperature Settings – LCD Display - 2 Colours - 690g Affordable Learn More Here!
Hairtool 2 Attachments – Salon Length Cable - 299g Affordable Learn More Here!

Top 3 Hot Air Brushes

When it comes to twisting, curling and styling your hair, you need the right temperature. Hot air brushes are perfect for this, as they heat the brush to a temperature that is ideal for manipulating and styling your hair.

As such, a home hot air brush is a common inclusion in many people’s beauty kits. The market is full of some great products right now, but which are the best? Let’s look at the 3 leading options you can buy right now.

AsaVea Fusion Styler Review – Our Number 1

AsaVea AsaVea’s (learn more here!) fusion styler is ideal for people who want the most amount of control and manipulation from their brush. This tool has plenty of practical and useful features, including:

* This device offers 11 temperature settings, ranging from 120 to 220°C, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

* This can all be controlled through the simple control scheme and a clear LCD display, which always lets you know exactly how hot the brush is.

* Furthermore, if you care about your style, this product comes in two different colours – a “multi-colour” that fades from blue to pink, or a rose gold version.AsaVea

* At 690 g, this is also a rather light weight brush, making it easy to fit in your hand and operate effortlessly.

As you can see, plenty of effort has been made to provide an affordable item that offers a salon-level of experience. The temperature range is, of course, the biggest feature here, but it’s overall ease of use cannot be ignored so easily, either.


Features: 11 Temperature Settings – LCD Display – 2 Colours – 690g

Pricing: Mid-Range



Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Styler Review – Number 2

BabylissWhen it comes to hair products, Babyliss is one of the biggest names out there. The big hair rotating styler, then, continues the brand’s reputation for high quality products and equipment. Let’s look at its most unique features.

* This device features a 42 cm ceramic barrel, giving you a brush that has plenty of reach and can handle long, lush hair with ease.

* When it comes to the temperature, this styler has 2 heat settings, allowing you to easily switch up and down with ease.

* If that wasn’t enough, the cool setting adds to the product’s diversity.

* Similarly, this is a rotating brush, allowing you to twist and style your hair at the same time, thanks to two different rotating speeds.

* At 800 g, this is a fairly lightweight product, considering it’s length and various features.

With a long barrel, ergonomic design and a number of useful settings, this is a great go-to product to have at home.


Features: 42cm – 2 Heat Settings – Cool Setting – 2 Rotation Speeds – 800g

11 Temperature Settings – LCD Display – 2 Colours – 690g

Pricing: Affordable



Hairtool Duo Hot Air Styler Review – Number 3

HairtoolThe Duo Hot Air Styler, from Hairtool, might look innocent and simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not capable of a lot. This is thanks to the inclusion of some very practical features, such as:

* This device offers two attachments – a 13 mm and 18 mm brush option – allowing you to adapt to whatever your hair needs.

* The salon length cable is also a welcome touch, allowing you to use the brush at long distances from the plug. This is perfect when you’re travelling and can’t guarantee the socket and desk are in the same location.

* Aside from its small size, this product only weighs 299 g. Again, this makes it ideal for travelling, as it takes very little space, or weight, in your luggage.

While this device lacks the greater control of the other products, its lightweight design, simple controls and long cable but it in a category all of its own, offering a level of practicality that is seldom seen in other solutions.


Features: 2 Attachments – Salon Length Cable – 299g

Pricing: Affordable




Depending on what you need, any one of these products will be ideal. However, there’s one hot air brush that goes to great lengths to stand out from the crowd, and rightly so. Overall, the AsaVea Fusion Styler has a higher level of quality and, thanks to its range of temperatures, offers the best results when it comes to maintaining and controlling your hair.


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