Best Hiking Backpack Reviews UK 2017 – 2018

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Highlander Discovery Rucksack Airmesh back system, Draw cord divider, Lid pocket, 2x side pockets Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Aquabourne Moel 30L Removable TPU 2 Litre water bladder, Vented ergonomic harness, Removable Frame, Organiser pocket Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Diamond Candy High strength zinc alloy resin zip, Increase air cushion gasket back, Buffer shock absorption Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Hiking Backpack Reviews – Top 3 In 2017 – 2018

If you are considering taking a hiking trip, or you love camping and walking trails, you will know how important a good backpack can be. It has to be able to hold all your belongings and also be light and strong to deal with the rigours of the outdoors. This is a list of the top three backpacks you can find on the market at the moment.

Highlander Discovery Rucksack Review – Our Number 1

Highlander DiscoveryThe Highlander Discovery Rucksack is well-made and designed to a tough and durable standard. It has a number of features to give you the best comfort and security for you and your things. Here are some of its other features (lowest price).

  • The Airmesh back system is designed to let air circulate through the material to prevent sweat building up and aid drying.
  • The large main compartment has a draw cord divider included. This helps to keep everything dry and minimise movement within the back pack.
  • There are multiple pockets on the product so that you can have things to hand if you need them, but also keep them dry and secure.
  • The product comes with other attachments and shock cord attachments so you can adapt it for the conditions you are walking in.

This back pack from Highlander has a lot of space available and can keep all your things clean and dry. It is the perfect companion for your walking adventures.

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Aquabourne Moel 30L Backpack Review – Number 2

Aquabourne Moel 30LHere is another quality back pack from Aquabourne that has some good features and made to a high standard. It is ideal for the casual walker or camping trip, but can also cope with more adventurous outings. Here are some of its other features.

  • There is a removable TPU 2 litre water bladder. This is a great feature because you don’t have to carry separate water bottles.
  • A vented ergonomic harness holds the back pack firmly in place while allowing it to breathe. This prevents access sweat building up.
  • There is an integrated yellow rain cover to protect the backpack from the worst of the elements.
  • The product also has an organiser pocket, valuables pouch and holders for walking poles. All you will need for your trip.

This backpack has lots of great things included and has the ability to keep you and your things safe and dry. It is certainly a deserved winner of second place on the list.

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Diamond Candy Outdoor Hiking Backpack Review – Number 3

Diamond CandyThis backpack from Diamond Candy is packed with pockets and other features that make this a really useful product. It also has a large capacity to hold all the essential equipment you need. Let us look at its other great features.

  • A high strength zinc alloy zipper will keep working even in the harshest conditions. So you will always be able to access your belongings.
  • An increased air cushion gasket and back panel helps to cushion your back as well as let your back breathe. This prevents the build-up of sweat and rainwater.
  • It has a number of pockets to keep all your things safe and dry during the trip. It also has waterproof seams and lining to give you great peace of mind that everything will be safe.
  • The backpack is made from strong materials and stitched together in a way that is durable and resistant to tearing.

This backpack is ergonomically designed to give you the best use of space while still being compact. It makes this a great all-round product.

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The top spot on the list goes to the Highlander Discovery. It has a lot of great features and has a large main load capacity.

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