Best Garden Hose – Reviews 2017 – 2018 UK

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Pampered Gardens 30m, Tough expandable hose, Kink free, Triple layer construction, 7 spray settings, Extra strong outer webbing Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Hozelock 25m Long, Light weight & strong reel, Includes 2 x hose end connectors, 1 x threaded tap connector Affordable Learn More Here!

Claber 30m hose, , Goog quality, Wall mounting brackets Affordable Learn More Here!

Garden Hose Reviews 2017 – 2018 UK

Despite what you might think, there are actually a lot of dry days during the year when you will need to water your garden. The easiest way by far is to use a garden hose. There are many types on the market at the moment, but this list features the top three. They are very durable and even have some nice features to help with some of the old problems.

Papered Gardens Deluxe Garden Hose Review – Our Number 1

Pampered GardensThis hose has an extra special feature that will make it invaluable for those who are constantly bemoaning kinks and knots. It also has a nice array of accessories that means you can get up and running straight away. Here are some of its features (lowest price).

  • It can expand up to 100 ft. long so that it can be packed away easily when not in use. But it expands to let you go far out into the garden.
  • It has a triple layer construction to the hose making it very durable. It is designed to resist bending and fraying like some other types.
  • There is a seven setting spray head that comes with the hose. It can deal with a high volume of water and spray in multiple ways.
  • With its extra strong outer webbing, it will last for a long time. It won’t perish or get easily damaged during the winter months.

Overall, this garden hose has a lot of great features that will give you many hours of happy watering. You can pack it away easily without the worry of it becoming damaged.

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Hozelock 25m Compact Reel with Connectors Review – Number 2

HozelockThe Hozelock Compact Reel is made by a company that has a long history of great garden equipment. This product is a classic design that has been successful for a long time. It enables you to easily wind and unwind the hose with no problems. Here are some of its other features.

  • It is supplied with a long 25 meter hose. However, the reel can easily accommodate a 30 meter hose if you need to.
  • The reel is made of a strong but light plastic that will not bend or distort. You can take it anywhere you need.
  • The kit includes two hose connectors, one threaded tap connector and an adjustable nozzle. All this means you can be ready to go straight away.
  • The freestanding design is better than a wall mounted type because you can move the reel to the place you need it.

This hose and reel is ideal for those with a medium to large garden. It has a long hose that is hard wearing and durable. It also has a strong but lightweight design.

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Claber Kiros Reel with 30 Meter Hose Review – Number 3

ClaberAnother great manufacturer is Claber Kiros. This product has all the great design features you come to expect from them. Let us see some of them in detail.

  • It comes with 30 meters of hose which is more than enough to water a medium to large garden.
  • It has a kit so that the reel can be mounted to a wall. This helps to save space in the shed or garage.
  • The hose reel can easily hold up to 40 meters of hose if you need to get a longer version for your garden.
  • The reel is made from ABS plastic with waterproof aluminium. It makes this a very durable product that will last for many years.

This hose and reel kit is a very good product. It can be easily fitted to a wall for convenience, and it can hold a long reel for those with bigger gardens.

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The top spot on the list goes to the Pampered Gardens Deluxe Expanding 100ft. hose. It has a very long reach and a durable design. It best feature however, is the ability to expand.

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