Best Electric Wok – Reviews 2017 – 2018

ProductNameFeaturesPrice PointRatingVisit
Morphy Richards4.5L Capacity – Variable Temperature – Non-Stick – Glass Lid – 5kg - 46 x 34 x 24cmMid-Range Learn More Here!
Stellar35cm Wok – 10 Heat Settings – Non-Stick – Trigger Release – Glass Lid – 4.3kg - 40.4 x 38.8 x 21.4 cmMid-Range Learn More Here!
Andrew James28cm Wok - Variable Temperature – Non-Stick – Glass Lid - Tempura Rack – Wooden Spatula - 41 x 30.7 x 19cmMid-Range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Electric Wok

When it comes to cooking, a wok is a very versatile appliance to have. Of course, an electric wok can do even more, providing its own heat and letting you cook in many more places. It’s no surprise, then, that electric woks are popular among professional chefs and amateur cooks alike. The only question left, of course, is which wok do you choose?

The market is full of possible solutions, but where do you begin? To help you in this search, here’s a look at the best 3 options available right now.

Morphy Richards Supreme Precision Review – Our Number 1

Morphy RichardsWhen it comes to cooking, few brands are as well known and respected as Morphy Richards (learn more here!). So it only makes sense that their electric wok is another versatile, useful appliance. Let’s look at its best features:

* With a 4.5l capacity, this wok can handle plenty of food at once – perfect for creating large a large stir fry to feed the family!

* Additionally, the variable temperature is easy to use and lets you adjust the wok to the right heat level for your recipe.Morphy Richards

* Of course, it is also a non-stick pan, ensuring you can easily take food out when its cooked.

* When you need to steam something, the glass lid lets you secure your food while also being able to check on its progress without having to remove the lid.

* At 5kg, this is also a reasonable light pan, making it easy to pick up (even when loaded) and move around the kitchen.

* Finally, with a rough size of 46 x 34 x 24cm, this is a very flat pan, but wide enough to hold plenty of ingredients.

If you’re looking for a device to cook plenty of food, while still offering you all of the control and practical features you need, this offering from Morphy Richards is an ideal choice.


Features: 4.5L Capacity – Variable Temperature – Non-Stick – Glass Lid – 5kg – 46 x 34 x 24cm

Pricing: Mid-Range



Stellar Electric Wok Review – Number 2

StellarIf you’re looking for something that’s light and easy to use, the Stellar Electric Wok has plenty to offer. This is thanks to the numerous practical features included in its design, such as:

* At 35 cm, this is a very wide pan, allowing you to cook, stir and mix plenty.

* Likewise, with 10 heat settings, you can easily switch the wok to a temperature that suits your immediate needs.

* This is another non-stick pan, ensuring the device is practical and easy to use, whatever you happen to be creating.

* The trigger release heat probe is also a welcome touch, ensuring extra safety in the kitchen.

* The glass lid, of course, is also useful for steaming food and monitoring progress without removing the lid and letting the steam escape.

* At 4.3 kg, this appliance has some reasonable weight but picking it up is never a problem.

* Likewise, at a rough size of 40.4 x 38.8 x 21.4 cm, this is a decent size with a large, central pan with a big rim.

As you can see, this is a wok that has plenty to offer. Practical and easy to use, the controls let you start cooking straight away and prepare wonderful meals with minimal effort.


Features: 35cm Wok – 10 Heat Settings – Non-Stick – Trigger Release – Glass Lid – 4.3kg – 40.4 x 38.8 x 21.4 cm

Pricing: Mid-Range



Andrew James Portable Wok Review – Number 3

Andrew JamesOne of the best uses for an electric wok is to cook on the go – or simply out of the kitchen – and the portable wok from Andrew James is a perfect example. Let’s run through its most useful properties:

* With a 28cm pan, this wok isn’t the biggest but this also helps keep the device portable.

* The variable temperature is easy to use and ensures you can always get the right amount of heat.

* It’s also a non-stick pan, which saves you from creating unnecessary mess.

* The glass lid is easy to secure and, as always, helps you steam food without having to interrupt the process.

* This product also comes with a tempura rack, adding much more versatility to the device.

* If that wasn’t enough, the kit also comes with a wooden spatula, which gives you everything you need to start cooking.

* At a size of 41 x 30.7 x 19 cm, this appliance is small enough to carry with you, yet big enough to hold plenty of food.

In short, if you’re looking for a wok that can handle plenty of food, while also being quick and easy to use, this portable device can help you with a range of meals, often acting as your to-go kit for cooking outside of the home.


Features: 28cm Wok – Variable Temperature – Non-Stick – Glass Lid – Tempura Rack – Wooden Spatula – 41 x 30.7 x 19cm

Pricing: Mid-Range




As you can see, this is a broad and diverse range of wonderful woks available, but you only need one. Even among the very best, one product on this list deserves the top position. Thanks to its large size, great control and ease of use, the Morphy Richards Supreme Precision Electric Wok is a great appliance for food fanatics, able to help you prepare various cuisine.


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