Best Electric Carving Knife – Reviews Of 2017 – 2018 In UK

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Top 3 Electric Carving Knifes 2017 – 2018

When you are serving up a nice Sunday Roast or slicing meat for sandwiches, you can’t always get a nice slice. Even the sharpest of knives can sometimes have a problem. This is where something like an electric carving knife comes in handy. It has a serrated edge and motorised blades that make light work of any meat. This list features the top three electric carving knives on the market today.

Kenwood KN650 True Electric Carving Knife Review – Our Number 1

Kenwood KN650This product is made by one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Kenwood (lowest price) has always been associated with quality and this product is no exception. Here are some of its features.

  • The stainless steel blades are very sharp and can cut through any meat with their serrated edges.
  • It is fitted with a powerful 100w motor that can handle any cutting. It can even handle frozen food.
  • There is a safety on and off switch that protects you from turning on the knife accidentally when being handled.
  • The knife is fairly light so it won’t cause a strain on your hand when operating. It is also well balanced so you can slice easily.

The Kenwood KN650 is a very well-made product that will give many years of service. It has sharp blades that are tough and durable. A quality product from a quality manufacturer.

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James Martin Electric Knife ZX773 Review – Number 2

James Martin Electric KnifeThis product has the name of the famous chef James Martin. It is a well-designed knife that has a lot of good features. Let us have a look at some of those here.

  • It has a powerful 120w motor so that it can slice through any hard meat or other food with no problems.
  • It comes with two interchangeable blades. One is for carving and cutting of poultry and roasts. The other blade is designed for hard meats and frozen foods.
  • For safety reasons, there is a lock on/off switch to prevent the knife being started accidentally.
  • The stainless steel blades are very sharp and durable. They are also completely dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.

The James Martin Electric Knife is a very good product that will make light work of your Sunday roast meat. It is also packed with safety features and even a comfort grip.

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Quest Electric Knife 180 Watt Review – Number 3

Quest Electric KnifeThis electric knife from Quest is a lightweight and compact product that is ideal for any meat carving. It also has a very powerful motor that is stronger than others of its type. Let us have a look at some of its features.

  • The product is well-made and has strong 24cm stainless steel blades. They are more than enough for any meat.
  • There is an easy to grip handle to make it more comfortable to use. It is also well balanced for added stability.
  • It has a dual safety switch fitted for added safety. This means you won’t be able to accidentally switch it on.
  • The sleek design is easy to clean and the blades can be removed and placed in the dishwasher.

The Quest Electric Knife is a very powerful and simple to use product that has a lot of quality in its design. It will make a great addition to your kitchen appliances.

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The top spot goes to the Kenwood KN650 True Electric Carving Knife. It has a strong design and is perfectly balanced. You can cut through any tough meat or crusty bread with ease. The blades are dishwasher safe and it has some good safety features built-in. A great carving knife that will make Sunday Roasts a breeze.

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