Best Desk Lamp – Reviews In 2017 – 2018 UK

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August LEC350 Dimmer Switch, 3 Colour Modes – Warm, Cold & Natural, Energy Efficient, USB Charging Port, 30 Min Sleep Timer Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Retro Classic Bankers Lamp Classic design, Polished brass finish, In line power switch Affordable Learn More Here!

Lifemax 1425DW8 Elegant chrome finish, 360 degree LED bulb, Noon daylight, Up to 15,000 hours of light High-End Learn More Here!

Desk Lamp Reviews – 2017 – 2018 UK

Whether you are working at a desk, or reading in bed, in the evenings you will need to have a nice light to read or work by. These days, desk lamps are more than just a light, they can do many other things and are more intelligent. This list has three of the top desk lamps on the market today.

August LEC350 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review – Our Number 1

August LEC350 - Dimmable LED Desk LampThis lamp from August is very sleek and beautifully designed. It also has a few nice tricks up its sleeve to make it an invaluable addition to your desk or bedside table. Here are a few of its features (lowest price).

  • The reading light has a dimmer feature so you can set it to read just by you, or the whole room, ideal for bedtime.
  • There are three colour temperature settings to choose from including Warm, cold, or natural light.
  • The energy efficient LED bulb offers 477 lumens of light making it ultra-bright but also very energy efficient.
  • It has a built-in USB port so you can charge your mobile phone while you read. Ideal for those with no enough sockets.

This product has many great features including a 30 minute sleep timer. It will do far more than just illuminate your desk.

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Retro Classic Bankers Lamp Review – Number 2

RETRO CLASSIC BANKERS LAMPThis desk lamp is styled on the more traditional bankers lamps. Although it has this classic look, it is still a very efficient product that will give a nice even light to your working environment. Let us see what other features this product has to offer.

  • The retro style is made from similar materials to the original lamps. This will look great in a traditional style study or desk.
  • The polished brass finish lets you clean it to a high shine. It is also beautifully styled and matches the period very well.
  • There is an in-line on and off switch that will allow you to control the lamp without having to unplug it from the wall.
  • It has a compact size 26x16x37 cm that will create a lovely light without taking up a lot of room on the desk.

This lamp has a classic design but modern features so you can get the best of both worlds. It will look stunning wherever you place it in your home or office.

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Lifemax 1425DW8 E27 Edison Lamp Review – Number 3

Lifemax 1425DW8 E27With this lamp, there is a mixture of the classic and the modern that will appeal to many people. There is a touch of the 1970’s design along with a modern minimalist aspect that will make it fit into almost any home. Here are its other features.

  • The white and chrome finish to the lamp is stylish yet classic. It is neutral enough to fit with any style of décor.
  • It comes suppled with an 8 watt 360 degree LED bulb that will provide bright light but also be highly energy efficient.
  • It creates a noon daylight of 6,400 Kelvin and has an excellent colour reproduction at 80 CRI. You will get the best possible result from its illumination.
  • The lamp is designed to give low power consumption while also giving off no heat. Ideal for a child’s bedroom.

This lamp is a classic that has all the things you need from modern energy efficient lamp. Overall it will be a great buy for anyone looking for that touch of class.

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The top spot goes to the August LEC350 Desk Lamp. With its stylish design and excellent features, it has just what you would need from a desk lamp. It is no wonder that it has made it to number one on the list.

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