Best Cross Trainer For Home Use In 2017 – 2018 UK

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Life Fitness X1 On-board Computer, 20″ Stride, 25kg Fly Wheel, 14 Programs, 5 User Profiles, BMI Calculator, Heart Rate Control, iPod/USB Support High-End Learn More Here!

JTX Smart Stride Pro 21 On-board Computer, 18-22″ Stride, 18kg Fly Wheel, 14 Programs, 5 User Profiles, BMI Calculator, Heart Rate Control Mid-Range Learn More Here!

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A home cross trainer will inevitably be different to gym cross trainers. The machines at the gym, whether it be cross trainers, rowing machines, exercise bikes or treadmills have to be very durable for the constant wear they are put through. You get people from all different classes of weights and fitness levels and with a mixture of strengths working out on the machines, and it has to withstand this constant usage.

Depending on the cross trainer you buy from your home, it will still be very durable and some are even commercial grade which means they will be almost as durable as the cross trainers you would find in the gym. In general, however, they do not need to be as rugged as the gym cross trainers purely because they do not see nearly as much use (constant daily use in the gym for several hours) and you will look after your cross trainer better than most gym members would the gym equipment.

Your home cross trainer should have the basic features, I would recommend an electro-magnetic resistance cross trainer with a decent sized flywheel.

Having electro-magnetic resistance means you can electronically control the resistance, otherwise it will be a manual process where you have to get off the cross trainer to make the adjustment which would interrupt your workout cooling you down.

The weight of the flywheel would be indication of how much resistance you do get and how smooth your movement will be. The heavier the flywheel, the better range of resistance you have and the smoother the stride.

Without further haste, here are the…

Best Cross Trainers For Home Use

Life Fitness X1 Review – The Number 1

life fitness x1 reviewThe X1 from Life Fitness is a truly premium cross trainer. It has a very durable frame and is a high end, good quality cross trainer (lowest price). Here are some of the features which has made it the number 1 best cross trainer for home use;

  • A very large flywheel weighing in at 25kg  providing the highest range of resistance along with a smooth and fluid movement so you can enjoy your workouts while reaping the benefits
  • A very good stride length of 20″ which is perfect for users of all heights which goes well with the…
  • Oversized foot pedals  to find the foot position that best matches your body type
  • Heart rate sensors on the handle bars to allow for instant feedback on your working heart rate – ideal for HIIT (High intensity interval training) as well as LISS (low intensity stead state) exercises
  • The WhisperStride technology from Life Fitness has self-aligning ball bearings which work to create a quiet, smooth and fluid motion which is ideal for the home and minimises disturbance to anyone around you
  • ErgoGrip technology on the handle bars provide stability while you work your lower body
  • iPod  and iPhone compatibility so you can hook it up and play your favourite workout music while working up a sweat
  • Accessory tray, cup/bottle holder and a book rack/iPad rack for the long low intensity workouts
  • On board console giving you real time feedback for heart rate, calories burnt, time, distance and more
  • Individual user profile settings so everyone in the family have their own profile which they can track and monitor the progress on
  • With already built-in workouts, The X1 also gives you the option to download additional custom workolife fitness x1 reviewsuts
  • Track workout progress in real time using The Track+ technology and sync to third party applications


The X1 is a top of the line cross trainer. With its 25kg flywheel, 20″ stride and some of the best features including smart phone connectivity and the add-ons included in The Track+ console allowing syncing of data with third party applications, you cannot get better than The X1.

Yes, the price is at the high end but you do get what you pay for and with The X1 you get a whole lot for your money.

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JTX Smart Stride-Pro 21 Review – Number 2

From JTX comes The Smart Stride-Pro 21, another very good cross trainer which is built to last. It comes in at a lower price range than The X1 yet still manages to boast a respectable set of features;

  • JTX Smart Stride Pro 21 review18kg flywheel which would provide a fluid and balanced motion giving you a good range of resistance
  • Adjustable 18″ – 22″ stride length to cater for the taller as well as the shorter users ensuring no discomfort and a smooth movement
  • Colour display on board to give real time feedback on calories, time, distance, heart rate and more
  • Adjust the intensity of your workouts right there on the console
  • 24 work out programs including cardio, heart rate, hill interval and fat burning
  • Ergonomic anti-slip foot plates designed to support you joints; ankles, knees and hips creating a balanced alignment of 0-6 degrees to reduce injuries to the joints
  • Multi position ergonomic handles for the ultimate comfort and also to target a variation of muscle groups
  • Pulse sensor on the handles to give you real time feedback on your heart rateJTX Smart Stride Pro 21 reviews
  • Chest strap option for a more accurate heart rate reading – without the need for you to hold on to the stationary handles (as long as you buy it from Amazon)
  • 2 year in home warranty covering parts and labour for your piece of mind


The Smart Stride Pro is one of the best cross trainers around for the money. It is durable and built of strong, rugged engineering and packed full of good useful features.

For the price point, The Smart Stride Pro 21 is excellent value.

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JTX Hill-Stride Review – Number 3

Another JTX product, The Hill-Stride is out number 3 best home cross trainer. Being built by JTX, The Hill-Stride still has a good quality build and comes in at a more affordable price than The Life Fitness X1 and The Smart Stride-Pro.

Here are some of its features;

  • JTX Hill-Stride reviewA nice sized 11.5kg flywheel adequate enough to provide a smooth movement with a decent range of resistance
  • 18″ stride length which is in the middle for taller and shorter users, with over-sized foot pedals to find the most comfortable position for you
  • 12 workout programs to keep you motivated including, fat burning, intervals and cardio
  • Incline level to add further resistance to your workout
  • Hand pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate during workouts
  • Console displaying the pulse, heart rate, BMI, calories, time, distance and more
  • 2 year in-home warranty for parts and labour which is very useful


Overall a very good cross trainer. While it is more expensive than a budget model, it still has some very good features, which, in my opinion more than justify the price you pay.JTX Hill-Stride reviews

It is built to a high standard and if you are shopping for your first cross trainer and are looking for something which is decent but do not want to spend too much money then The Hill-Stride is the one for you. If you can justify that little bit more of a spend, then I would certainly look at The Smart Stride-Pro 21 as it does have a good amount more features.

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