Best Chocolate Fountains – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Cascade Chocolate Cascade feature – Stainless steel construction – Adjustable feet – washable tier system – compact size. High End Learn More Here!
Andrew James Premium Stainless steel construction – Holds 2lbs of chocolate – deep bowl – extra drip tray – 2-year warranty. Mid Range Learn More Here!
Giles & Posner Stylish red design – Three tiers of chocolate – removable bowl Mid Range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Chocolate Fountains

Who doesn’t love chocolate? There are so many different brands on the market each with their own unique taste and qualities. There is only one downside to chocolate, it’s a little bit on the naughty side of things when it comes to eating a healthy diet. Enter stage left the chocolate fountain, now you can cover anything you like in your favourite dairy treat. You could compromise and cover fruit such as strawberries, grapes, apples and pears in the rich velvety yumminess, or you could just throw caution to the wind and go for giant marshmallows, sweet biscuits and ice cream.

Regardless of what you want to cover in warm melted chocolate you’re going to need a device that can not only melt it for you but keep it in a liquid state long enough so the enjoyment can be prolonged for as long you want, or until you feel so sick you can’t stand the sight of another bite. So here are the tree top contenders in the chocolate fountain category.

Cascade Chocolate Fountain Review – Our Number 1

Cascade Chocolate Fountain JM Posner (learn more here!), the catering professionals brings the cascade chocolate fountain. This is their scaled down version of their professional cascade fountain that is used by a wide variety of restaurants and when you consider these products sell for anywhere between £1,600 and just under £5,000 you can rest assured that their home appliances are just as good quality. This version has a range of features such as:

* Cascade features, instead of three layers going from one to the other the chocolate cascades down like a waterfall, or in this case a chocolate-fall which looks truly divine.

* Because it’s from JM Posner you can impress your friends with their stylish piece of fun food tech.

* It is simple to use and construct and all you need to do is add 900g of your favourite chocolate.Cascade Chocolate Fountain

* It is made from stainless steel which not only makes it very durable but allows helps to add to its style and flair.

* Perfect for all celebrations from birthdays to Christmas as it will be a talking point and something every child big or small will enjoy.

* It has adjustable feet and a washable tier system, and due to its compact size, it is easy to store and transport if required.

The NEW Cascade Chocolate Fountain by JM Posner is an absolute steal for its price and numerous customer reviews could rate it highly enough for its ease of assembly, length of running time and general overall appearance and usability.


Features – Cascade feature – Stainless steel construction – Adjustable feet – washable tier system – compact size.

Pricing – High End



Andrew James Premium Chocolate Fountain Review – Number 2

Andrew James Premium Andrew James is a well-known name when it comes to ingenious kitchen appliances such as Halogen ovens, Ice cream makers, slow cookers and of course the all-important chocolate fountains. The company itself is a family owned online retailer that was founded back in 2005 and they have grown rapidly ever since. Their chocolate fountain is a simple yet stylish appliance that would look good in anyone kitchen and as a centre piece at a family or friend get together. The main features of this product are as follows:

* Stainless steel construction, which not only makes it easy to clean but gives the appliance a certain added flair.

* It can hold a massive 2lb of chocolate, surely that’s enough for even the mightiest of chocolate lovers.

* There is an extra drip tray to catch those pesky escaping droplets of yumminess.Andrew James Premium

* It has adjustable feet to ensure it is evenly balanced and a deep bowl which allows for longer use.

* It has a slow flow which creates a continuous cascade of chocolate from one tier to the next.

* It also comes with a free two year, no registration required, warranty.

The Andrew James Premium Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain is a great choice for any household and will provide you with a stylish centre piece for everyone to indulge themselves with.


Features – Stainless steel construction – Holds 2lbs of chocolate – deep bowl – extra drip tray – 2-year warranty.

Pricing – Mid Range



Giles & Posner Deluxe Red Chocolate Fountain Review – Number 3

Giles & PosnerThis Giles and Posner deluxe chocolate fountain has one bonus over the others, it comes with a whooping 900g of velvety smooth Belgian chocolate. Of course, this added extra does push the price of the product up a little but it’s still a really good bargain for what you’ll be paying. The Giles and Posner is not to be confused with our first product and they are not made by the same or sister company. The features of this deluxe model include:

* Stylish red design which really makes it stand out from the crowd.

* It creates three theirs of gently flowing chocolate.

* There is a removable stainless steel bowl, which makes cleaning the product that much easier.

* It is very easy to set-up and start using.

* There are adjustable feet to ensure and even flow and it only requires 400g of chocolate to get started.

The Giles & Posner Deluxe Red Chocolate Fountain with 900g of Belgian Chocolate is the prefect option if you need something that’s ready to go from the box as it comes with 2 bags of Belgium chocolate so all you need to do is set up and switch it on.


Features – Stylish red design – Three tiers of chocolate – removable bowl

Pricing – Mid Range




Each and everyone one of these chocolate fountains is enough to make your mouth water but the top slot must go to the NEW Cascade Chocolate Fountain. Why may you ask? Its unique cascade design really makes it stand out from the other two, it simply is a work of chocolate art.


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