Best Cement Mixers For Sale – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
230v Electric Portable Features – 230V and 550 watts power – yellow in colour – 120 Litre capacity drum – Drum speed of 33rpm – Large 33cm drum opening – Standard plug fitted. Affordable Learn More Here!
CLARKE Features – Mixes 30 litres per load – Rubber tyres on wheels – Drum Wheel – Compact size – 124 Watts and 230V. Mid Range Learn More Here!
Belle Features – Compact size – makes a full barrow full of concrete – petrol motor – Barrow height swivel and stand feature – 130L drum volume. High End Learn More Here!

Top 3 Cement Mixers For Sale

Cement mixers are in actual fact concrete mixers, cement is one of the ingredients that is put into the machine along with sand or gravel and water to make the concrete, but let’s face it concrete mixer just have the right ring to it that cement mixer does. You can opt to mix by hand and this is an option if you only need a small amount of concrete but for larger quantities a mixer is highly recommended, unless you are built like Popeye that is.

Here is a little bit of trivia for you, Stephen Stepanian was an American inventor who lived from 1882 to 1964. During his life he has been accredited with a number of patents such as the conveyor, the wrench, the compound tool, the elevator and a machine known as the self-discharging motorised transit mixer. This mixer was predecessor of the contrite mixer trucks and Stephen Stepanian has been referred to as the father of the ready-mixed concrete industry. He originally applied for the patent for this machine back in 1916 but it was rejected as it was believed that the design of the truck would not be able to withstand the weight of the mixer and the concrete stored within it. However, he reapplied in 1928 and in 1933 it was approved.

So how many types of cement, or concrete, mixers are there?

  • Industrial mixer – These are large machine that are stationary and there are three sub types: twin shaft mixers that have short mixing times, vertical axis mixers that is usually used fr coloured concrete and lastly drum mixers that are used when large volumes of concrete is required.
  • Trucks and trailers – These are the mixers that you see on the road where the drum is in constant motion. They also come in smaller trailer type versions as well.
  • Metered concrete trucks – This type has all the ingredients on them and the concrete is mixed on site as and when needed.
  • Portable mixers – These are generally used for DIY projects.
  • Self-loading mixers – This type is usually used on construction sites where mixer trucks cannot get to of man power is limited.

For the purpose of today’s review however we will be focusing on the portable type that can be used on smaller building sites and those that can be used at home for DIY projects. So, let’s take a look at the three we are reviewing today to see which one is best and why.


230v Electric Portable Review- Our Number 1

Electric Portable Cement and Concrete MixerThis machine comes from a company called JTF Mega Discount Warehouse that is based in Nottingham, England. They have been trading for around 30 years and have recently launched 12 mega discount warehouses in the north and the midlands as well as an online shop. They cover a wide range of good from DIY goods to toys and furniture to sports and hobbies, you can even shop for food and drink.

Now let’s have a look at the specific features of this mixer to see what it can offer you.

  • This is a high-performance mixer that is suitable for small home projects such as pathways, driveways and patios.
  • It has a large drum with a 33cm opening to allow for easy loading.
  • The mixer has a load capacity of 120 litres and a drum speed of 33rpm.
  • It comes with a plug for normal mains connection.
  • The noise level this machine creates is similar to a lawnmower so shouldn’t disturb neighbours.
  • There is also a large drum wheel which makes emptying the mixer easier.Cement Mixer 120L

This electric portable cement (learn more here!) and concrete mixer is ideal if you want to get involved in some DIY and landscaping at home. It will provide you with enough mixture to complete the projects you want to embark upon and has a low enough noise level that you won’t be upsetting the neighbours while you’re doing it. Just as a side note you will need to assemble this machine yourself.

Features – 230V and 550 watts power – yellow in colour – 120 Litre capacity drum – Drum speed of 33rpm – Large 33cm drum opening – Standard plug fitted.

Pricing – Affordable



CLARKE 30LTR MINI Review – Number 2

CLARKE 30LTR MINI CEMENT MIXERThis mixer comes from Clarke International which was established in 1969 and has become of Britain’s number one distributors of power tools.  All of their products conform to British and European safety standards. They also have over 3000 product lines and any item ordered before 2pm is picked and dispatched the very same day, they also ship worldwide. Now let us take a closer look at the features this mixer has.

  • This mini mixer has a load capacity of 30 litres.
  • It has rubber tyred wheels which makes it easy to manoeuvre around the site you are working on.
  • There is a large, easy to use drum wheel for emptying the mixture.
  • It also has a large, easy to use motor off switch.
  • It is lightweight and has a folding base for easy storage.

This Clarke mini cement mixer is ideal for home use and small projects. Due to its compact size, it is also easy to store away when not in use. Self-assembly is required on this mixer.

Features – Mixes 30 litres per load – Rubber tyres on wheels – Drum Wheel – Compact size – 124 Watts and 230V.

Pricing – Mid Range 



Belle Minimix 150 Review – Number 3

Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer and Stand...This mixer comes from Altrad Belle which is located in Derbyshire in the Peak District of England. Belle started back in the 1950’s when its founder, Doug Blackhurst, wanted to buy a small cement mixer to help build his new home. However, at the time there were no such mixers available on the market, so he designed his own and the mini mixer was born. From then the company has grown and expanded and it now makes over 100 different types of machinery.  So what features does this mini mixer have? Let us take a look.

  • This is a compact mixer that makes it easy to move and store.
  • It can mix a full wheel barrow load of concrete.
  • This is petrol driven and as such can be placed wherever it is needed without the limitations of cables for power.
  • This mixer also comes with a handy barrow height stand and swivel feature.
  • It also has an extra thick drum and quick mixing paddles.


This mini mixer from Belle comes with a good range of features that can help to make even the most demanding of projects easier.

Features – Compact size – makes a full barrow full of concrete – petrol motor – Barrow height swivel and stand feature – 130L drum volume.

Pricing – High End




Each of these mixers have their plus points that makes them a sound purchase, however if we are looking for just one out of the bunch for use at home then the overall winner has to be the 120L electric portable cement and concrete mixer by JTF Mega Discount Warehouse. This is a great mixer that is capable of delivering large quantities of concrete and has a wide opening making filling and emptying the drum that much easier. It is also the cheapest of the three making it more accessible and less of a burden on the wallet.




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