Best Car Vacuum – Reviews In 2017 – 2018 UK

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Heyner Turbo 3 12 Volt Power, 3.6m Long Cable, 105 watt, Motorised Brush, Removable Filter, Carry Bag Affordable Learn More Here!

Black & Decker PAV1205 12 Volt Power, 11 Watt, Cyclonic action, 859 llitre/ min airflow, Triple action filtration Affordable Learn More Here!

Black & Decker PAD1200 Patented ‘motor in the filter’ technology, Triple action filtration, Cyclonic action, Storage bag, Lightweight Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Car Vacuum Reviews UK 2017 – 2018

Everyone wants to keep their car nice and clean and there are things you can use that make it that much easier. Having a car vacuum is far better than trying to use you household hoover. You can reach all the places you need to without a big hassle. This list has three of the top Car Vacuums on the market today.

Heyner Turbo 3 Power Handy Vacuum Review – Our Number 1

HEYNER TURBO 3This vacuum from Hayner is great for reaching all those little places where dirt and rubbish can go. It has some nice attachments to make it easier and it is powerful enough to do a good job. Here are some of its other features (lowest price).

  • The vacuum plugs into your 12v socket in the car. This means you don’t have to bother with extension cables.
  • It comes with some great attachments including a motorised brush and a crevice tool. Both ideal for those hard to reach areas.
  • There is a removable filter for easy cleaning. You can remove all the dust and dirt and simply wash the filter afterwards.
  • It comes with a carry bag so you can keep all the things together. This is great for keeping in the boot in case you need to use it.

The Heyner Turbo is a powerful little car vacuum that has a lot of great features. It can clean your car thoroughly and efficiently and packs away neatly.

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Black & Decker PAV1205 12v Dustbuster Pivot Review – Number 2

BLACK & DECKER PAV1205This car vacuum comes from a big name in electrical goods. It not only looks very stylish, but it also has some nice features that you will like. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • The vacuum has an impressive triple action filtration system. This removes more dirt from the car and therefore leaves it cleaner.
  • It uses a cyclonic action to maintain a high suction even when nearly full. This means you don’t have to worry about constantly emptying.
  • The vacuum uses the cars own 12v socket for power. You can use it anywhere without needing an extension or electricity from outside.
  • With 859 litre per minute airflow, this vacuum is very powerful for such a small product. This means you can get great results.

The Black and Decker PAV1205 12v Dustbuster is a wonderful design and shows what can be done with a car vacuum cleaner.

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Black & Decker PAD1200 Auto Flexi Car Vacuum Review – Number 3

BLACK & DECKER PAD1200With innovation always being at the heart of Black and Decker, there is no wonder that this has some impressive features. It also looks very good and is compact enough to take with you in the boot. Here are those impressive features.

  • A patented ‘motor in the filter’ technology helps to make this product so compact. It can fit everything into a small space.
  • There is a triple action filtration system that removes more dirt than conventional vacuums. It also helps the vacuum to perform better.
  • To maintain optimum suction, this vacuum uses a cyclonic action. This also means less clogging and more power.
  • The handy storage bag holds all the equipment in one place to keep it safe and secure. You won’t have to worry about losing anything.

This is a great little car vacuum that has really had a lot of thought put into its development. It is compact but very powerful, just what you need for the car.

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The top spot on the list goes to the Heyner Turbo 3 Power Handy Vacuum. It has a great design and many handy accessories to get you the best results. Overall, a really impressive product.

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