Best Nose Hair Trimmer – Reviews In 2017 – 2018 UK

Men & Women Nasal Hair Trimmer Reviews It is an inevitable part of the ageing process that unsightly hairs will start to sprout from various places that will need a trim to keep them at bay. Nose and hair trimmers have evolved into modern pieces of art to ensure a discreet …

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Best Spiralizer – Reviews In UK 2017 – 2018

KITCHENRUNNER 2015 Next-Gen 4 Blade Spiralizer

Vegetable & Food Spiralizer Reviews 2017 – 2018 In this health conscious society we live in today the introduction of the spiralizer is a great new way to liven up your five  day. From creating roses from carrots to making carb free courgette spaghetti this device is a sure fire hit …

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Best Bathroom Scales – Reviews In 2017 – 2018 UK

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Digital Accurate Bathroom Scale Reviews 2017 – 2018 Bathroom scales are no longer something that you hide under your sink and close your eyes when you step on. New designs make them pieces of art and can provide a daily health update to your mobile phone. This is a list …

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Best Cycle Computer – Reviews In 2017 – 2018 UK

Garmin Edge 500 GPS Bike Computer

Wireless Cycle Computer Reviews 2017 – 2018 A bike ride is no longer a slow peddle round the park, today cyclists train hard and like to see the results of what they have done. The explosion of bike computers has led to a wealth of new technology and designs to …

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Hair Dryer Reviews – Best In 2017 – 2018 UK

Panasonic EH-NA65-K

Top 3 Hair Dryers UK 2017 – 2018 If you have to work hard to get that ‘just out of the salon’ look then the investment in a good hair dryer is well worth the results. Ionic hair dryers are fast becoming popular due to the quickness and shine it …

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Best Kettles – Reviews In 2017 – 2018 UK

ViVo Kettle

Electric Kettle Reviews Having a nice hot drink when you have been out in the cold all day is lovely. Although there are many machines around now that make hot drinks, the humble kettle is still the main way most people boil water. This list contains the top three kettles …

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Best Cordless Phones – Reviews In 2017 – 2018 UK

BT8500 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone

Cordless Phone Reviews 2017 – 2018 It is hard to imagine that phones haven’t always been cordless. You used to have to stand or sit by the phone when you made a call. This for most is a thing of the past with today’s very modern cordless phones. They are …

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Best Air Purifier – UK Reviews 2017 – 2018

PureMate True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser

Best Home Air Purifiers – Top 3 In UK 2017 – 2018 If you have ever had a party in your house, you will know that the morning after there can be a lingering smell. Stale alcohol, smoke and food odours can stay around for a long time. If you …

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Best Airbrush – Reviews In UK 2017 – 2018

FoxHunter KMS Airbrush Kit

Top 3 Airbrushes 2017 – 2018 UK If you like making models or creating sculptures, then you will find an air brush a very useful for painting a nice even coat of paint. They can spray a fine mist of paint that reduces the risk of running and blotches. This …

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