2 Way Radios Reviews – Best In 2017 – 2018 UK

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Retevis H-777 0.5km Range, Automatic power saving, Vox function, Timer function Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Binatone Latitude 3km Range, Scan function, Volume control, Ergonomic design Affordable Learn More Here!

Top 3 Walkie Talkies In 2017 – 2018

If you are planning a trek or maybe travelling with another car across country, you might find that a two way radio kit would be very useful. It can help you to communicate over a long distance which could be an important safety precaution. This list features the top two way radios on the market today. Here are what they have to offer.

Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme Two Way Radio Review – Our Number 1

Motorola TLKR T80This two way radio equipment is made by a leading manufacturer of communication devices – Motorola (lowest price). They have thought of everything when making these radios and you will think the same when you use them. Let us look at some of the features.

  • The PMR446 radios do not require a licence to operate them. This means you don’t have to acquire expensive or time consuming permits.
  • Depending on the terrain and weather conditions, these radios can transmit up to 10km. This is very useful to keep in touch with other parties.
  • The LCD display is backlit so you can operate them in the dark. The display gives you all the information on signal, frequency and battery life.
  • The units are splash proof to a rating of IPX4. This means you can use it in the rain or it can get splashed by water with no problems.

The Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme is a great all round radio that could be a lifeline in an emergency. It is packed with some very useful tools and features as well.

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Retevis H-777 Walkie Talkies Review – Number 2

Retevis H-777These radios from Retevis are a well-made and improved version that has still retained the plus points from the earlier models. They are able to transmit over long distances and they have a number of safety features. Let us see what else they have to offer.

  • The radios are made to the UK CE standard of safety. This means you can be assured that they are reliable and safe to use.
  • The built-in VOX function helps you to send a signal through the voice mode without having to press the PTT key.
  • There is a time out feature designed to prevent long periods of transmission. This will help to prevent damage to the transmitter.
  • You have the choice of 16 channels so you can select the best one to limit interference. This is good for security and reliable communication.

The Retevis H-777 Walkie Talkies are ideal for people who work in offices of on large sites. They can transmit clearly and you can select from a lot of available channels.

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Binatone Latitude 100 Twin Walkie Talkie Review – Number 3

Binatone Latitude 100 Twin Walkie TalkieThe Binatone Latitude 100 Walkie Talkies are another product that has a more rugged approach. Ideal for outdoor use on hiking trips or camping, it has a nice design with bright yellow areas so that it can be seen if dropped. Here are some of its other features.

  • It has a nice scan function that allows you to check for the frequencies of other users. A very good tool if you lose contact.
  • The radios have a range of up to 3km depending on the weather and terrain. This is more than enough for most outdoor use.
  • The case is designed to be comfortably gripped by the hand. There is also a belt clip so that you can keep it secure.
  • The display has all the information you need including a low battery indicator so you know when to change them.

These radios are perfect for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits. They are also great for kids to keep in touch with adults when outside or camping.

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The top spot goes to the Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme radios. They have everything you would want from such a product. They are reliable and have important safety features.

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